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The NEW NPDES General Permit is out and the NOI & NOT forms have also changed.  The deadline for submitting the new NOI is September 30, 2008.
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Our Recertification Training Includes procedures of:
- How to properly complete and file the new NOI;
- How to determine 303(d) listed stream segments and their relationship with your site;
- How to find the new owner of a foreclosure property;
- How inspect your site in accordance with the new General Permit; and
- Much much more.....
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Mod Ord - pg 8 FinalWhen a local government assumes the role of Local Issuing Authority (LIA), the EPD will point out that "The rules and regulations, ordinances, or resolutions adopted by the LIA for the purpose of governing land-disturbing activities shall require, as a minimum, protections at least as stringent as the state general permit;"
By clicking on the model ordinance above, you will be directed to the entire 2004 Model Ordinance.  Page 8 identifies the responsibility and authority LIAs have accepted by signing this document. The EPD is conducting their next Road Show October 30, 2008.  Call 678-469-5120 for more details.

2008 Cobb County Development Symposium

Are We There Yet?
Discussing Elements of a Comprehensive Water Management Strategy

On October 29, 2008, The Cobb County Board of Commissioners will be hosting the annual Cobb County Development Symposium. The theme for this year's symposium is "Are We There Yet".  The program will examine elements of a comprehensive water management strategy. We will also discuss whether the State of Georgia, =>READ MORE

In our NEW RECERTIFICATION COURSE, "Site Inspections and Stormwater Sampling for Construction Sites", Luke Owen reviews the new Georgia General Permit and NOI in detail.  This course is worth (4 CEUs). 
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GeoLOGIC is a proud member of Ducks Unlimited..
Ducks Unlimited advises Congress on bird populations
Chief Biologist recommends water protection to benefit people and ducks.
Testifying before a Congressional committee today, Ducks Unlimited Chief Biologist, Dale Humburg identified several key factors in declining bird populations across North America:  Loss of grassland nesting habitat, deterioration of coastal wetlands and loss of protected wetlands in all parts of the country.
by Jim Spotts
TechTalk is a forum for resolving erosion and sediment control and/or construction related problems from a technical perspective.  Technical questions are submitted by the reader; suggestions may be from Southeast Environmental Consultants, LLC, (SEC) or other sources.  The reader is solely responsible for the results, if the suggestion is implemented.
Question:  What should I do about painters washing latex paint out of their brushes daily?  Brushes are expensive; and using them several times saves me money.   Most often, the rinse goes into the storm drain.  Is latex paint a pollutant?
Response:  GA EPD considers latex paint a pollutant and should be addressed in the ES&PC Plan.  Disposal of quantities of surplus latex paint include:
1.  Save the paint for touchup or future use by the owner.
2.  Add an extra coat to walls in the closet, or other "remote" rooms.
3.  Leave the cans open for the paint to dry, then discard the paint in a waste container.
4. Require the painting contractor to remove surplus cans of paint. 
Washout of brushes
1.  In your contract, specify that the painting contractor will have a portable washout station.
2.  Require the contractor to take the brushes off site, clean them and bring them back the next day.
3.  Have wash-buckets for each color.  Rinse out the brushes, wrap them in paper or foil and re-use them.  Direct the rinse so that it goes into the sewer system via the toilet, sink or tub.  This waste water is treated and re-used.
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