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Why does Georgia require certification for land disturbance?
The New NPDES Permit for Construction in Georgia
Ducks Unlimited and Conservation
EPAs Healthy Fish for Kids
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There is much to share regarding EPAs focus on construction site stormwater management, the New NPDES General Permit and Georgia's approach to enforcement.  I believe you will enjoy this newsletter as it's intended to be short and to the point.
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Why Does Georgia Require Erosion Control Certification?
Georgia is one of the most stringent states regarding state and local laws governing land disturbing activities.  
By clicking on the link below, you will be directed to a short video, where you can also give us your answer to the above question. We will publish the most notable comments in next months October Newsletter.  
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Georgia's New NPDES General Permit is Out and It's a Dandy!
GA EPD logoThe former NPDES General Permit(s) for Constuction Sites in Georgia expired July 31, 2008 and the new permit(s) are in force.  Several changes to the new permit are significant...for instance financial institutions are now responsible for maintaining compliance with the NPDES General Permit in certain situations.  Depending on your role, this can be good or bad news.  Good news for local issuing authorities and others who are trying to protect our creeks, streams, rivers and lakes, and bad news for banks who are already dealing with an overwhelming number of foreclosures.
In our NEW RECERTIFICATION COURSE - "Site Inspections and Stormwater Sampling for Construction Sites", Luke Owen reviews the new Georgia General Permit in detail.  This course is worth (4 CEUs).  Call us to register or go to our website at  
GeoLOGIC is a proud member of Ducks Unlimited. Each month we will feature an article from this great conxervation organization.
Conserving Habitat for Ducks and Fish
By Rudolph Rosen, Ph.D.
DU's groundbreaking fisheries research proves restored wetlands benefit both waterfowl and salmon
Ducks Unlimited biologists recently found themselves in a quandary. In the midst of expanding work to restore wetlands in floodplains of major rivers in the Northwest, they ran up against government regulators who called DU's plans harmful to salmon.
People everywhere now agree that the health of the fish we eat is dramatically impacted by stormwater laced with contaminants (such as sediment, metals, fertilizers, oils, grease, etc.) that enters our streams, lakes and oceans.  A few days ago on August 1, 2008, the EPA launched a new web site to help children and their parents choose the healthiest fish to eat, using interactive stories and games.
The site can be viewed at:
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