Hameray Herald - August 2011

It's August! 


That means it's time to get back to school. I trust you're all anxious to get back in the classroom and begin a new school year! But even if you aren't, then there's still a little time left to enjoy summer. At Hameray, we are always here to help you get back into school-mode! Here are a few things that might help make the transition a little easier for you:


Sneak Peak Video of "Smarty Pants at the Circus" by Joy Cowley

Exclusively for Hameray Herald subscribers!  

During the past month, Hameray has released five videos of Joy Cowley narrating various stories from the Green Set, matched up with pages from the book itself. This final video won't be officially released until next Tuesday, but we're giving Hameray Herald subscribers the first look! Click here to listen Joy Cowley narrate "Smarty Pants at the Circus" and read along!  


Joy Cowley visits Hameray in San Diego! 

Joy visited the Hameray office last week, and we were so happy to have her company! She was here in San Diego to record the upcoming audio support CD's for the Joy Cowley Collection Red Set and Orange Set. See the section below for pictures and videos from her visit! 


"Shark Week" Special

To celebrate the annual "Shark Week" event, Hameray is offering a special discounted price on "Predators" from the Download Collection! Normally $9.95, you can get it for only $5.95 until Wednesday, August 10th! Prominently featuring great white sharks, this book is a perfect companion for any student interested in learning about predators, and how life in the wild kingdom really is. Look below for more details on this engaging book! 


I hope the rest of your summer has you well-rested and ready for an exciting new school year. Until next month! 





Bill Mortimer

Hameray Publishing Group





Listen and read along to Joy Cowley narrating

"Smarty Pants at the Circus"


SNEAK PEAK for Hameray Herald subscribers! For the first time ever, Joy Cowley has recorded audio narrations for her timeless children's stories! As a special promotion, Hameray produced free audio/video previews of five stories from this collection. Every week, a new video was released on our website, Facebook and Twitter pages. 


The last video in the series is "Smarty Pants at the Circus". This won't be officially released until next Tuesday, but you can get a exclusive sneak preview! Click on the video below to listen and read along with Joy Cowley.


Joy Cowley narrates  



Joy Cowley visits Hameray in San Diego!

Joy visited the Hameray offices in San Diego last week, during her recent trip to the U.S. Before arriving in California, she was in Chautauqua, NY for her annual Highlights workshop, "Writing from the Heart". According to Joy, the workshop was a tremendous experience and a total success, with the exception of a 16-hour blackout!

During her time in San Diego, she recorded two audio CD's worth of narration, for the Joy Cowley Collection Red Set and Orange Set. She also spent time with Raymond and Christine Yuen of Hameray, and attended a reception dinner for her birthday! Click on the picture below to see highlights from her trip!


Joy Cowley with Mrs. Wishy-Washy!  

 Click here for pictures and videos of Joy Cowley's visit to San Diego!     


Celebrate "Shark Week" with 

Predators from Download 


Prominently featuring great white sharks, this book is a perfect companion for any student interested in learning about predators, and how life in the wild kingdom really is. A hungry tiger stalks a deer. A crocodile lies in wait for its prey. A snake swallows a rat - whole! A predator's world is tough. Eat... or die!


Written by Jillian Powell
48 pages
Guided Reading Level: O

Download is a series of 16 high interest, high drama books created to support striving readers, especially boys. They are written to engage struggling readers for whom reading is a difficult or frustrating task. Interest Age: 9-14 years. Reading Age: 7-8 years.



 retail $9.95 

This week only $5.95!


Sale price valid through Monday, August 8th 

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Mrs. Wishy-Washy
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