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Selectafont 10% Discount Reminder

Mid July
Over the last months we have noticed many customers are still not taking advantage of the 10% discount for being a return customer. Below you will find a guide showing you how to apply your discount to your order.
We do understand that the website is not the easiest to apply the discount to your order but we hope that the step by step guide will help you.
New Canon Chipped Cartridges
Canon PGI-5 & CLI-8
Chipped Cartridges

Fed up with difficult chip changes on Non OEM cartridges?
We have now just taken stock of Inkrite chipped cartridges to save all the hassle.

Full sets are also available. Below we list individual cartridge prices.


Our Price:
7.99- 6.39

CLI-8 All Colours

Our Price:
7.49 - 5.99

How To Apply Discount Code

To apply your discount to your order follow the step by step guide below.

1) Add all the items that you require to your cart.

2) Once you have checked your cart is correct proceed to the next step.

3) You will then come to the log in screen if you have not already logged in. Complete your log in then you will be taken to the next section.

4) You should now be at the delivery address page. Fill in a new delivery address if you want to deliver the cartridges to an address different from the one that is registered to your account. If your delivery address is the same as your account address, simply click the blue button below the invoice address and this will take you to the next step.

5) This section is where you have to apply the discount. Type "selectafont" in the offer code text box. Then check the circle to the left of the offer code text. If this is done correctly it will highlight with a blue dot appearing inside the circle (as shown below). Once this has been completed continue to the next step.

Offer Code
6) Then you will be presented with a similar screen showing the discount applied to your order. Continue to the next step by selecting one of the payment options.

7) This is the last page before you go to Protx payment gateway. The last point to double check your order with your delivery address.

8) Continue to the payment gateway in order to pay for your order.

Coming soon
We have just managed to source a large selection of printers that will be available from our website over the coming months. We hope to add many other related items such as digital cameras, memory cards and similar items.

Lee Catherine