April 2012
  Join Us for ISHOF's 48th Annual Induction Weekend
  Line-up for History Symposium & Film Festival 

In conjunction with the first International Aquatics History Symposium and Film Festival (IAHSFF), ISHOF's long-time friend and Olympic Collections Consultant, Craig Perlow, has organized a memorabilia auction on his internationally-recognized website,

Conducted with the full support of ISHOF and for the benefit of ISHOF, the auction features 15 historically significant items, including Olympic medals and memorabilia.  Craig and fellow collector Chuck Kroll will also make presentations during the Symposium on collecting aquatic memorabilia for fun & profit.  To learn more about the auction, click here.



FINA's official publication, the well-known 124-page FINA Aquatics World Magazine, has entered a new era: it is now available in an online format. 

To keep with the latest on the world's greatest stars of swimming, diving, synchro, open water swimming, water polo and of the Masters movement by downloading this new version of Magazine to your PC, tablet (iPad) or smartphone from the FINA web-site by clicking on the logo of the FINA Aquatics World Magazine ( 


The 2011/4, 2011/5, 2011/6 editions are for free now, you can simply view them by using the following links:              2011/4 edition:                       2011/5 edition:                 2011/6 edition: 


The 1.5 EUR/2 USD/online edition cost is really very advantageous compared to the high level of the Magazine - both in its outlook and quality of the articles written by a professional team of outstanding aquatic writers.

By choosing the online version you can save the permanently increasing delivery prices - and ultimately our environment. Surely, as a reader of the FINA Aquatics World Magazine you will get your affordable passport to the exciting world of aquatics presented in a state-of-the art, colourful and highly attractive way!

2012 NDPA Lighthouse Award
kim & bruce
Bruce Wigo & Kim Burgess


Bruce Wigo, Chief Executive Officer of the International Swimming Hall of Fame (ISHOF) was honored on March 9 with the National Drowing Prevention Alliance's 2012 Lighthouse Award for educating the public about the importance of learning to swim and for developing a safety device for open water swimming called "Safer Swimmer." To read the article, click here: 

            Recent Visitors to the ISHOF Museum 
Nat team martinique Guadelupe
National Swim Team Members from Martinique & Guadeloupe with Olympic Gold Medals from Rowdy Gaines, Adolph Kiefer & Ford Konno.

Molly Ormsby
Molly Ormsby, granddaughter of the late Bob Helmick, past president of USOC and FINA.
Frank Csik
Frank Csik and wife. Frank's father, Ferenc Csik, was the 1936 Olympic gold medalist in the 100m freestyle . 

Reigning World Champion in the 200m Breaststroke Daniel Gyurta of Hungary.

Recent comments from February visitors to the ISHOF Museum

A sample of comments from our guest book shows what recent visitors from around the world think about your International Swimming Hall of Fame.


"Fabulous historical information" - Ethel Dowuona, Potomac, MD

"Great Experience, History came alive for me." - Gyurta Daviez (Olympic medalist), Budapest, Hungary

"Extremely interesting and pleasurable.  Enjoyed a couple of hours reliving many Olympic stories." Jan & Brian Green, Gold Coast, AUS
If you haven't visited Fort Lauderdale recently, we continue to add to our displays and exhibits and these are greatly appreciated by our visitors, as you can see from the sample comments above. It is because the preservation of history is one of our core missions that we have initiated the 1st International Aquatic History Symposium and Film Festival. It is only through your support - your ideas, knowledge, donations and gifts - that this event and our museum will continue to thrive.  Our line-up of presenters and films for this inaugural event is fantastic and I hope you will be able to attend. If not we look forward to your help in making next year even better.  
Bruce Wigo 
The International Swimming Hall of Fame
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