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Conway StewartKipling Special Edition
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Image of Kipling Special EditionThis Special Edition from Conway Stewart is inspired by one of the most important literary figures in English history. At first glance this pen looks like it has a complex pattern engraved on the cap and barrel, however upon closer inspection it is possible to read two famous poems by Rudyard Kipling.

Kipling's works of prose and poetry have inspired generations, while also serving to reflect the great changes in the history and structure of the British Empire. Kipling was born in India and spent most of his childhood in England, eventually attending United Services College in Devon. After his schooling, he returned to India, where he began work as an Assistant Editor, the beginning of a long and distinguished career as a man of letters.

Kipling's work is reflected in this Special Edition through a unique process that engraves two of his most famous poems along the length of both the cap and barrel. From a distance this appears as an elegant abstract pattern, when viewed close at hand, it is revealed as text from the works If and The Elephant's Child.

The 1896 poem If  is an inspirational poem celebrating the British spirit of the Victorian era, where fortitude in the face of adversity, self restraint, and a ready assumption of duty and honour were accepted as part and parcel of life in the Empire. Revered since its first publication, and even today considered to be an inspiring work, If  was voted in 1995 as "England's favourite poem" in a BBC poll, and a line from the poem is displayed at the player's entrance to Wimbledon tennis courts.

Image of Kipling Edition 

The poem I Keep Six Honest Serving Men was a postscript to the story The Elephant's Child, from his 1902 book Just So Stories. This poem is used to illustrate good habits in fields as disparate as journalism, investigation, Image of Kipling Editioneven medical research. The Just So Stories were written by Kipling with his daughter in mind, and this poem clearly addresses the inquisitive nature of a young child.

The Kipling pen makes a bold statement through its innovative use of engraved text to form a tightly formatted pattern on cap and barrel and only upon close inspection the owner can read two of the great works from Kipling.

Fashioned of rich jet black resin, each writing instrument is further adorned with polished solid 18 carat gold trim. The nib is also solid 18 carat gold, and is available in a choice of eight  grades from Extra Fine to Extra Broad, Italic Fine, Italic Medium and Italic Broad.

This special edition pen is housed in the exclusive Conway Stewart luxury diamond shape packaging and the first 100 orders received will be accompanied by a parchment copy of the If  poem.


The Kipling pen is an ideal gift to a son, daughter, godchild or yourself.

Delivery will be within 14 days of order receipt. 

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