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Celebration Coronet Limited Edition Pens

Following the recent success of the Celebration Churchill and Celebration Wellington Limited Edition Series, Conway Stewart is pleased to announce the Celebration Coronet model, and for the first time available in a choice of two filling mechanisms -- limited to 25 numbered pieces utilising the traditional Eye Dropper filling mechanism and 100 numbered pieces with the convenient screw-in Converter Cartridge mechanism.

The Coronet is created with time-honoured British craftsmanship at our factory in Devon, England. Inspired by original designs of Conway Stewart models made during the 1940s the Coronet model offers a modern approach to the evocative world of fountain pens.
 Celebration Coronet Eye Dropper Limited Edition 


 Image of Celebration Coronet Eye Dropper

The Celebration Coronet Eye Dropper is a bold, modern take on classic guilloche hard rubber pens from the 1920s. A crisp wave pattern engraving covers the full length of the cap and the barrel and in keeping with the classic vintage style of the Celebration pens there is no cap band or barrel ring to break up the smooth lines of the engraving.


Celebration Coronet Eye DropperA set of red, white, and blue rings is inlaid by hand into the cap top, adding a distinctive touch to this exciting new limited edition series.


Our engineers have adapted the Coronet model to fill as an Eye Dropper by making the barrel as one piece to give the writer ample amount of ink storage when writing for long periods of time. An exclusively made rubber seal has also been engineered to seal the barrel to the front section to eliminate any ink leakage. A pipette accompanies the Celebration Coronet Eye Dropper along with a set of filling instructions.

 Celebration Coronet Converter Cartridge Limited Edition 


 Image of Celebration Coronet Converter Cartridge

The Celebration Coronet Converter Cartridge model is also rendered in gleaming black resin. Set off by the same engraving pattern used for the Celebration Coronet Eye Dropper which is inspired by early hard rubber pens brought to market by Conway  Stewart in the 1920s, the wave pattern runs the full length of both cap and barrel, with the cap top and barrel end being left smoothly polished to accent the design.

Celebration Coronet Converter Cartridge

Filling is via the effortless and reliable screw-in cartridge converter system, also offering the option and ease of cartridges using the wide choice of colours available in Conway Stewart bottle ink.


Highly polished solid sterling silver bands are featured on the cap and barrel, along with the traditionally styled Conway Stewart pocket clip.


A set of red, white, and blue rings is inlaid by hand into the cap top, adding a distinctive touch to this exciting new limited edition series.


The packaging for the Conway Stewart Coronet series has been designed to house your fountain pen and to serve as a showcase pen stand for the desk. The display box is crafted of luxurious full grain leather in a rich black colour. Not only is this an elegant and stylish presentation to house and protect your gift, the top of the lid can be reversed to make an executive desk stand for display.


The Celebration Coronet Limited Edition is priced very competitively for such a high quality-writing instrument, and we feel confident that this offering represents great value.


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In This Issue
Celebration Coronet Eye Dropper
Celebration Coronet Converter Cartridge



Celebration Coronet    



 Fountain Pen

Closed: 133.5 mm

Posted 163 mm 

Barrel incl nib 125 mm

Cap 56.5 mm

Barrel Diam 13.3 mm

Cap Diam 15.5 mm

Weight 28 gms


Nib Grades: 

18 carat solid gold

F, M, B, IF, IM, IB 




Eye Dropper  or
Converter Cartridge 



Retail List Price

Fountain Pen

265 $405 €360

Retail List Price
Roller Ball   

245 $365 €340


X of 25 Eye Dropper
X of 100 C/C