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Conway Stewart & Co. Ltd

August, 2010


Pen Shows are great fun. They give the opportunity for you to view all our latest editions and to test-write our models in the full range of nib grades from Extra Fine to Extra Broad, Italic Fine, Italic Medium and Italic Broad.

At every pen show, there are plenty of pen shops and dealers carrying our Conway Stewart writing instruments. We are sure you will not be disappointed!

Event Information for public:
Sat 14 - Sun 15 August, '10  9 AM - 5 PM  $7 admission

Sheraton Premiere at Tysons Corner
8661 Leesburg Pike.
Vienna, Virginia 22182, United States

If you have a special request concerning a Conway Stewart writing instrument please contact me by email: or Tel: (USA) 1.425.432.0816

Should you have questions concerning the location of the Washington DC Pen Show please contact the Pen Show organizer: Bob Johnson -- email: Tel: (USA) 1.864.963.3834

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Conway Stewart Nelson Heritage
Available now until September 06, 2010

The Heritage Collection is Conway Stewart's celebration of timeless and classic models. Our Award Winning Duro model launched the Heritage Collection and was followed by the Award Winning Dandy Heritage. The latest monthly Special Limited Edition from Conway Stewart is the Nelson Heritage, Nelson Heritagebringing a refined combination of elegant shape, subtle engraving and stunning colour choice together in a symphony of visual appeal that truly rises above the sum of its parts.

Considered simply as a writing instrument, the Nelson Heritage will be an instant favourite, with every aspect of the shape and weight designed to make writing a pleasure.

The Nelson Heritage is a balanced pen that will not fatigue the hand during long use. The colour chosen is a deep green teal that blends blue and green in a pleasing shade, perfectly complimenting the engraving pattern. The cap and barrel are set off by rich jet black accents at cap top and barrel end, matched by the section.

The 18 carat solid gold nib is plated with rhodium to match the sterling silver trim. The result is a classic understated writing instrument, the perfect choice for those who want to make a statement, but in a subtle way!

Conway Stewart Belliver

The new Belliver model from Conway Stewart is a return to the finest traditions of CS heritage, rooted in attention to detail, a perfect size and weight, as well as a timeless design married to understated accents. From the carefully crafted resin cap and barrel,  to the rich gold trim and expertly fitted 18 carat solid gold nib, the Belliver was created with one goal in mind: Making the experience of writing as perfect as possible.

The Belliver name comes from the location where the Conway Stewart factory is located on the outskirts of Plymouth Devon. It is also the name of a "Tor" situated close by in the Dartmoor National Park. A Tor is a small hill - usually capped by a granite outcrop within the National Park. There are very many Tors within the park and they are a popular tourist Image of Belliver Tordestination with walkers trekking from one peak to another during their holidays. The spelling of the name is occasionally Bellever but the more modern usage is Belliver.

The Belliver is sized to be ideal for the widest possible range of hand sizes and writing styles. Not so large as to be unwieldy in the hand, but still of a size to command instant attention, as well as to afford a comfortable grip. The Belliver is balanced using a solid brass barrel liner to offer just enough weight for the pen to sit easily in the hand without becoming tiring during long periods of writing. The cap is lighter in weight, allowing it to posted securely on the end of the barrel if you so choose. The section is gently tapered to bolster the comfort of writing with the Belliver. When creating this new design, the craftsmen at Conway Stewart were inspired by some of the greatest designs of the company's history. Looking to provide not merely an attractive pen, but a true modern classic that would serve faithfully as a reliable and enjoyable fine writing instrument.

Conway Stewart MetalWrite RR1

"Nominee in the 2010 Pen World Reader's Choice Awards -- Metal Mastery"
The pen that represents the most skillful and creative use of metal."

Conway Stewart is proud to have an exclusive working partnership with MetalWrite, a respected company known for their creation of custom made pens with the use of Damascus.

The MetalWrite 'RR1' is an unique limited edition crafted from solid sterling silver with Damascus stoppers, solid sterling silver clip and hand operated guilloche engraving.  A true team effort!

Conway Stewart Andys Pens

This unique new offering from Andy's Pens and Conway Stewart is a wonderful choice for those drawn to the back to basics classic elegance of the earliest days of the fountain pen. 

Conway Stewart Collectors Club

Available exclusively to members of our Collectors Club, Conway Stewart is making the Wordsworth model in the striking Blue Ripple Ebonite. Only 100 pieces will be made and orders will be fulfilled on a first come first served basis.

Conway Stewart Dandy Heritage
In conjunction with the successful Heritage Collection, Conway Stewart is proud to launch the Dandy Heritage Limited Edition. The Dandy model typifies the understated elegance of 1920s pen design and has proven to be one of Conway Stewart's most distinctive profiles. In keeping with the classic design of this popular model, the Dandy Heritage sports a gleaming black cap and barrel, each intricately engraved with an Art Deco design. A pattern of interlocking geometric diamonds laces lengthwise along the pen, making the Dandy Heritage not only an elegant choice, but a stylish one as well. It's the perfect fit for today's busy lifestyle, combining a timeless look with a practical size.

Conway Stewart Detection Collection

Conway Stewart is delighted to announce the forthcoming launch of the 'Detection Collection' a new series of limited edition pens to celebrate the very best in crime fiction.

Each pen is a collaboration between Conway Stewart and famous crime writers, with the model, the colour, and even the decoration selected by the author to complement their own favourite style of writing instrument. To celebrate each novelist, the barrel will have a facsimile of the author's own signature engraved, and the cap end will have the new Detection Collection logo inscribed.

Conway Stewart Chatsworth
The Chatsworth Collection is a new overlay design commissioned for Conway Stewart by award winning artist Henry Simpole.

This is by far the most detailed and intricate filigree design to date for Conway Stewart by Simpole, and for the first time we are making the Chatsworth collection available on a canvas choice of three of our most popular resins: Classic Black, Blue Stardust, and Red Stardust.

The Conway Stewart Chatsworth Collection offers the opportunity to acquire the best of British craftsmanship and sophistication in hand crafted overlays from English craftsman, Henry Simpole of London.

Conway Stewart Regency

The exciting new Regency from Conway Stewart offers a vibrant new design sure to capture the attention! This sleek new mid-sized pen features a combination of gentle curves along both the cap and barrel, a refined, modern look that sets the Regency apart from the crowd.

Conway Stewart Wellington

The Wellington is a substantial pen, available in a choice of elegant fountain pen or smooth writing roller ball. The striking new design has been crafted with a subtly curvaceous form to both cap and barrel, an exciting new shape that sets the Wellington apart from traditional pen designs. The Wellington was created with an eye to the Continental flair for a sleek and classic look. This combines with our time honoured use of rich marbled resin and polished gold trim to result in a pen that suits both high fashion as well as tasteful refinement.

Conway Stewart Brunel

In keeping with the bold style of Brunel himself, the Conway Stewart Brunel edition is a striking construction of solid hallmarked sterling silver. The cap and barrel are engraved with a crisp design of interlocking angled lines inspired by vintage engineering drawings. The result is a classic fine writing instrument that offers a distinguished and elegant touch of refinement.

Conway Stewart Raleigh

The Raleigh is a unique design, departing from the traditional in several ways, while still retaining the classic styling cues that denote Conway Stewart's dedication to the company's rich heritage. A perfectly proportioned barrel accented with rich solid gold trim rings is topped with a cap that features a slight inward curve towards the top. In the place of a cap band there is a quartet of solid gold cap rings. Both the cap top and barrel end feature a classic stepped design, giving the Raleigh an elegant touch of distinction.

Conway Stewart Lawyer Edition

The new Conway Stewart Professional Series is designed to reflect the dedication and life's work of individual professional fields. These striking new pens are crafted of gleaming black resin and engraved with intricate patterns. The Professional Series are perfectly balanced in the hand, and feature solid 18 carat gold nibs with rhodium plating to match the hallmarked sterling silver trim, and utilizes the reliable cartridge converter filling system.

Conway Stewart Winston

To compliment the classic favourite Conway Stewart Flagship model Churchill, the new Winston brings a fresh, modern style to the timeless oversize flat top look. With a slight taper to the barrel end and a gently rounded cap top, the Winston brings the flat top design into the twenty first century, while still holding true to the classic styling cues that made the original Conway Stewart pens of the 1920s famous.

Conway Stewart Britannia

The Conway Stewart Britannia is a full sized pen with polished sterling silver set of by an elegant engraving design along the cap and barrel. Each piece is carefully crafted in our facility in Plymouth, England to ensure the ultimate expression of fine writing for our customers. The hallmarked sterling silver forming the cap and barrel begins as solid rods of precious metal, not hollow stampings, as a result the Britannia features an imposing heft.

Conway Stewart Silvicity

The Silvicity brings five bold and bright colours to a clean striking design, a fabulous combination that makes this exciting new Conway Stewart edition a perfect fit for the always evolving young professional market. Designed to marry the classic British style of sterling silver with a crisp clean shape, the Silvicity adapts a traditional mode of writing to the modern paperless world.

Conway Stewart Bard
The Bard joins Conway Stewart's lineup as a commanding new flagship model. Imposing size and a striking style set the Bard apart from other writing instruments, while the traditional attention to detail, hallmarked accent rings, and distinctive clip mark it as part of the proud Conway Stewart heritage.

Conway Stewart Duro Heritage

The Duro Heritage Silver Trim Limited Edition is Conway Stewart's celebration of this timeless classic. Hand made from rich black resin, accented with intricate engraving, the Duro Heritage is a striking personal accessory.  The Duro Heritage Limited Edition commemorates the innovation of the two founders of Conway Stewart, Thomas Garner and Frank Jarvis.

Conway Stewart Churchill

Inspired by the great British statesman, who used our pens during the war years, the Churchill is in every way an impressive pen, and not least because of its size. The Churchill comes in a range of colours from classic black to the riotously vibrant.

The Dimensions Guide is an indispensable source of information containing details on the dimensions, colour options and prices for the complete Conway Stewart range.