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The latest new colour on the stylish Churchill pen - Red Stardust with 18 carat solid gold trim.
A limited edition of just 50 fountain pens - Red Stardust - a background of deep burgundy hues, infused with wide bands of shimmering pearl red shades, gleaming and shifting as the pen turns in the hand. Speckled throughout are individual flakes of metallic gold, shining like stars on a clear winter's night
Available to order now until the 30th of October, 2009 - orders will be fulfilled on a first come first served basis. No orders will be accepted after this date. This colour will not be repeated on this model thereafter and will not be available as a bespoke pen.
Mechanism:  Cartridge / Converter
Trim:           18 carat solid gold trim
Nib Grades:   F, M, B, IF, IM, IB
Price:           Fountain Pen �450 $790 €514
Dispatch:      Not later than the 16th of November
Packaging:    Luxury Churchill exclusive packaging
Numbered:    X of 50

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