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July, 2009
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NEW FOR 2009!  
Belgravia Limited Edition

Image of Belgravia Limited Edition

Conway Stewart's new Belgravia Limited Edition is a masterpiece in solid sterling silver, accented with intricate engraving and crisp gold trim.

The elegant design draws from Art Deco inspirations to arrive at a classic and stylish fine writing instrument.  The Belgravia is a practical, beautiful writing instrument offering a perfect combination of art and engineering.
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The engraving pattern on the Belgravia forms a chain of interlocking geometric shapes along both the cap and barrel, set off with brightly polished cap top, gripping section and barrel end.  Each polished area is further adorned with rich gold trim rings accented with jet black.

The Belgravia is crafted from solid sterling silver rods and is balanced precisely to feel as a natural extension of the hand when in use.

Available through your local retailer in August, 2009

NEW FOR 2009!  
Aztec Limited Edition

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The new Conway Stewart Aztec brings a stunning new look to our renowned Elegance Series of precious metal writing instruments.
Crafted from solid sterling silver, the Aztec features precise engraving in an intricate pattern of abstract diamonds that recalls the classic look of the Art Deco period. Each panel adorning the cap and barrel is filled with hand applied translucent enamel in vibrant purple and rich grey. The underlaying engraving patterns show through, leaving a design that is both refined and elegant, yet also eye catching under any light. Further design attention is given to the cap and barrel ends by the engraved channel and hand applied enamel decorative bands of deep purple enamel.
 Click Here to view information for our Aztec Limited Edition
The Aztec is not only a magnificent pen in terms of looks, but a perfect daily accessory. The hallmarked solid sterling silver construction of cap, barrel and front section are set off with our popular 18 carat solid gold nib, accented with rhodium plating and available in eight nib grades allowing the ideal choice for your individual handwriting style. Ink is delivered via the premium converter cartridge system which allows the convenience of cartridges or the use of our wide choice of colours available with bottled inks..

Available through your local retailer in August, 2009

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