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March, 2009
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NEW FOR 2009!  
Mandarin Yellow Plumage

Image of Mandarin Yellow Plumage

The Mandarin Yellow is a new finish to compliment our Plumage Series. The Grey Plumage was featured on the cover of  the Robb Report Collection,  2009 Design Preview.  Conway Stewart has taken the original Plumage design and transformed it with vibrant shades of bright yellow, creating the perfect tribute to the spring season.

Yellow is considered as a desirable colour and is used to symbolize wisdom, joy and happiness. People of high intellect tend to favour this colour. Yellow daffodils are a symbol of unrequited love and in many countries yellow roses signifies strong feelings of pure joy, gladness, happiness and platonic friendship.

In art and collecting throughout the world, the shade of bright yellow is known as Mandarin Yellow and finds its origins in the colours used in glazing porcelain ware in China. This particular yellow is a glowing, bright shade, and has been adapted to be an extremely popular finish for fine writing instruments, enamel work, Faberge eggs, and paintings throughout the twentieth century.

Image of Mandarin Yellow Plumage

The Mandarin Yellow Plumage features both panels of vivid Mandarin Yellow enamel as well as intricately engraved panels that are highlighted by translucent enamel in a slightly deeper shade. The contrast between the two tones of yellow is perfectly accented by the brightly polished sterling silver trim. The Plumage Series is based on the popular Model 100, a classically shaped pen that has won awards for its design. The Plumage is crafted from hallmarked solid sterling silver rods, each piece being turned to exacting specifications and then carefully finished by our engravers before being enamelled. The result is a perfectly balanced pen that exudes quality in every aspect, from the weight and balance to the gleaming surface of polished sterling silver and vibrant enamel.

Conway Stewart prides itself in its working relationship with the best of English Image of enameller working on Mandarin Yellow Plumagecraftsmanship. The artist for our precious metal enamelled series is known for his creativity and design in jewellery, plaques and trophies. Robert Glover M.A. RCA.,  has been published in numerous industry titles and is the recipient of many notable awards and presentations. His works include major television awards, the famous and iconic Brit-Awards trophy for the UK music industry, exclusive corporate and military presentations.

Glover's previous commissions include: A large silver salver presentation to the chairman of Hyundai ship building company;  Celebration goblets given to HRH Princess Grace of Monaco; A large silver gilt and enamelled plaque for the Cunard Flag Ship QE2; Silverware for Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth II; Silverware celebrating HRH the Prince Charles' and Princess Diana's Royal wedding; Silverware for HM the Queen Mother's birthday celebrations; Regimental silverware for the Parachute Regiment and the Brigade of Guards.

Image of Mandarin Yellow Plumage
The hallmarked solid sterling silver construction of cap, barrel and front section are set off with our popular 18 carat gold nib, accented with rhodium plating and available in eight nib widths allowing the ideal choice for your individual handwriting style. Ink is delivered via the reliable converter cartridge system. Every attention to detail has been taken to ensure that the Plumage is not only a visually perfect pen, but one ideally suited for everyday use.

The Mandarin Yellow Plumage has an ergonomic shape, slightly tapered and is a mid sized pen that rests perfectly in the hand, a perfect harmony of balance and elegance for ease of writing.

The Mandarin Yellow Plumage is a wonderful opportunity to experience the finest in English craftsmanship in a truly exclusive fine writing instrument.

Available through your local retailer on March 23, 2009

Plumage Limited Edition

Image of Plumage Limited Edition

The Plumage is inspired by the past use of large ornamental feathers as quills and the French word for the fountain pen 'plume'. As with the previous editions in the Elegance series, the Plumage is constructed of solid precious metal. The hallmarked solid sterling silver cap and barrel are carefully engraved with an intricate pattern and accented by a hand applied rich enamel.

Image of The Robb Report Collection, 2009 Design PreviewThe clean sophisticated design draws the eye along both cap and barrel. Each panel is carefully stylised in the shape of a fountain pen nib with an ornate and abstract quill feather pattern in the background. This design is further enhanced by alternating shades of gray crisply outlined in brightly polished sterling silver. The depth of each panel is set off with a graceful extra fine diamond point pattern cut deeply into this precious metal.

The rich two-tone gray colours of the enamel provide the perfect finishing touch to this understated and sophisticated fine writing instrument.

The cap and barrel are hand polished to a lustrous gleaming surface ensuring writing with the Plumage a wonderful experience.

Evolution Limited Edition
Image of Evolution Edition

Conway Stewart has completed a three year program to develop this unique and revolutionary system that allows you to adjust the balance of your pen to suit your personal handwriting style.

If you use your pen extensively this can reduce fatigue and help produce consistency. It can also be used to produce heavier or lighter strokes to complement and enhance your personal writing style.

"Nominee in the 2009 Pen World
Reader's Choice Awards
-- Metal Mastery"
The pen that makes the most of metal

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