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Choosing the perfect gift can often be a dilemma and getting the balance right is not always easy.
Image of Conway Stewart Chatsworth Limited EditionEvery Conway Stewart writing instrument is lovingly handcrafted by master pen makers in Plymouth, the heart of Devon, England.

The rich heritage of Conway Stewart rests in your hand every time you use one of our beautiful British pens.

We strive to continue our past practices. Our goal to make the most beautiful and elegant British pens and to give pleasure to those who appreciate the art of fine writing or who wish to give or receive a gift that will provide a life time of pleasure.

Chatsworth Collection

Image of Conway Stewart Chatsworth Limited Edition 

The Chatsworth Collection is a new overlay design commissioned for Conway Stewart by award winning artist Henry Simpole.  This is by far the most detailed and intricate filigree design to date for Conway Stewart by Simpole, and for the first time we are making the Chatsworth collection available on a canvas choice of three of our most popular resins: Classic Black, Blue Stardust, and Red Stardust.

The Chatsworth design incorporates delicate lace-like strands of silver with a graceful and enchanting bow whose design was drawn from a much loved Valentines card.
Conway Stewart Model 100 Collection
Image of Conway Stewart Model 100
The Model 100 celebrates the Conway Stewart centenary year in 2005. Sleek and subtly curvaceous, the One Hundred Series looks fondly back to the Art Deco movement for inspiration. It is an extremely versatile pen, which is ideal for every occasion. The series is offered in traditional materials of the era, as well as modern colourful resins.

"Awarded 2006 Pen World Reader's Choice Awards
-- Best Pen, Brand Icon"
Elements Fire Limited Edition
Image of Conway Stewart Elements Fire Limited Edition
The element of Fire is creative and destructive. Fire can protect us -- keep us warm, used for cooking, and to ward off the darkness of night. Without the fire of our Sun, there would be no daylight. Fire is the element which fuels our passions.

Rich glowing Fire Red and a bright Flame Yellow enamel are layered over the deep guilloche engraving on the barrel mixing together to emphasis the gentle curves of the deep engravings on the barrel, the combination representing strength and passion as an element.
Wellington Series
Image of Conway Stewart Wellington

The Wellington is a substantial pen, available in a choice of four writing modes: elegant fountain pen, smooth writing roller ball, convenient ball pen and pencil. The striking new design has been crafted with a subtly curvaceous form to both cap and barrel, an exciting new shape that sets the Wellington apart from traditional pen designs. The Wellington was created with an eye to the Continental flair for a sleek and classic look. This combines with our time honoured use of rich marbled resin and polished gold trim to result in a pen that suits both high fashion as well as tasteful refinement.


Glen B. Bowen, publisher, Pen World, World Publications 

"...THIS IS A BEAUTIFUL, luxurious looking pen..."
Bill Albers, assistant editor, Pen World World Publications

"...EVEN IN PLAIN BLACK, I'd go for the Wellington..."
Barry Gabay, contributing editor, Pen World World Publications

"AN ELEGANTLY TAPERED PEN. A modern flexible nib..."
Mel Strohminger, contributor, Stylus Magazine Fine Life Media

Howard Edelstein, contributor, Stylus Magazine Fine Life Media

Conway Stewart Sterling Silver Duro
Image of Conway Stewart Sterling Silver Duro
Under the bright glowing acrylic overlays, the Sterling Duro is a carefully constructed fine writing instrument. Cap and barrel are crafted from solid sterling silver rod stock, adding perfectly balanced weight to the pen itself. The cap top, cap band, and barrel end are left in gleaming bright polished silver, further accented by a silver pocket clip in the classic and stately design that has graced Conway Stewart writing instruments since the 1930s.

The stunning Peach Melba is a bright orange, glowing with inner light as rich veins of light yellow and cream dance throughout the surface of the cap and barrel.

Conway Stewart Elite Deco Diamond
Image of Conway Stewart solid gold Elite Deco Diamond
The Elite series is not a status symbol, it is a personal recognition of style, class, and refinement.

Conway Stewart's solid gold pens reward on many levels. Like a bespoke tailored suit or handmade shoes, the choice of a Conway Stewart solid gold writing instrument will set you apart from the crowd in a subtle and elegant manner.
Conway Stewart Nelson Series
Image of Conway Stewart Nelson Series
In keeping with the Nelson series much loved impressive heft and balance the Series II continues to feature a solid weighty barrel that is always perfectly poised, even when used without posting the cap. This pen has proven itself to be never out of place, from the most elegant of black tie affair to a simple afternoon out.

Our new Red Stardust Nelson II blossoms from within, combining deep shimmering shades of crimson streaked with glowing pearl highlights. All speckled throughout with pinpoint reflective accents!

Red Stardust is not a colour choice for the faint of heart, it explodes onto any scene, from the most conservative of boardrooms to the trendiest of bistros, the Red Stardust Nelson II announces its owner as a person possessed of both refined taste as well as a sense of adventure.
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Image of Appellation Limited Edition
The Appellation is based upon Conway Stewart's popular Wellington model.  A Latin inscription is engraved on the sterling silver cap band "In Vino Veritas" or "in wine there is truth" with a  solid silver disc inserted on the cap top and engraved with grapes motif. The Appellation is an ideal gift for any connoisseur of wine and fine living! Available exclusively from Internet Pens.

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Image of Knightsbridge limited edition
The Knightsbridge limited edition was featured on the front cover of Pen World magazine.

Available in all four writing modes, the Knightsbridge is based upon Conway Stewart's famous Sterling Silver Duro, with a cap and barrel turned from solid rods of sterling silver. These pieces are then painstakingly engraved with an intricate guilloche pattern before being finished in a deep charcoal gray enamel. The result is a rich, sophisticated writing instrument that exudes both style and refinement in equal measure.

Corporate & Exclusive
Total Blue Elegance
Image of Total Blue Elegance limited edition
Lovingly constructed of hallmarked solid sterling silver, the Total Blue Elegance exclusive edition has been designed in the style of Fabergé, with a highly detailed guilloche fox-head pattern engraved on the cap and body. Available exclusively from the Total Fine Writing.

Corporate & Exclusive
Lawyer's Pen
Image of Lawyer's Pen
The Carbolic Smoke Ball Co., a curiously named supplier of gifts to the legal profession based in England, has commissioned a pen for lawyers. The Lawyer's Pen is based on Conway Stewart's Wellington design, accented with intricate engraving on the cap and barrel. The centre band is engraved with the scales of justice, as is the cap.