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January 27, 2009

Conway Stewart is acknowledged as THE premium English brand of Writing Instruments. During the past few years, we have received nominations and awards for many of our designs. Below are highlighted awards received from global media within the pen industry.

Pen World's Annual Readers' Choice Awards have gained recognition as the "Academy Awards of the Writing Instruments Industry." Pen World readers vote for their favourite pens in a variety of categories.

Stylus Annual readers determine which brands offered the best pens during the calendar year. No panel of experts, no editor's choices and no jaded opinions -- just their readership's honest preference as to which brands made the best pens in five price categories.
Evolution Limited Edition

Image of Conway Stewart Evoloution Limited Edition 

Conway Stewart has completed a three year program to develop this unique and revolutionary system that allows you to adjust the balance of your pen to suit your personal handwriting style.

If you use your pen extensively this can reduce fatigue and help produce consistency. It can also be used to produce heavier or lighter strokes to complement and enhance your personal writing style.

"Nominee in the 2009 Pen World Reader's Choice Awards
-- Metal Mastery"
The pen that makes the most of metal

Vermeil Drake Limited Edition

Sir Francis Drake was born in Tavistock, near Plymouth, England in around 1540. With Plymouth the home of modern day Conway Stewart, it seems only appropriate for the company to name this superb new design after a local legend.

The Drake Vermeil pen is fashioned from a rod of precious metal. Guilloche engraving is used to create a flowing wave pattern on the cap. Each pen is engraved with the name Drake on the cap band, and a likeness of The Golden Hind on the cap top. The Conway Stewart Drake bears the English Hallmark, the world accepted standard for precious metal.

"Winner of the Stylus Annual Icon Award, 2008"

Cromwell  Limited Edition
Image of Conway Stewart Cromwell Limited Edition

The Conway Stewart Cromwell Edition is carefully crafted from solid sterling silver. The cap and barrel have been embellished with crisp guilloche engraving in an elegant cascading brocade pattern, then covered with rich, gleaming crimson enamel.

The glowing red cap and barrel are accented with clip, cap band, and barrel end in smooth sterling silver polished to a perfect finish.

"Nominee in the 2008 Pen World Reader's Choice Awards
-- Finest Tribute"
The pen that represents the most fitting tribute to a historical figure

Conway Stewart Karyoubinga Limited Edition
Image of Conway Stewart Karyoubinga Limited Edition
The Conway Stewart Karyoubinga brings a wonderful traditional interpretation of an important figure from Buddhism into our modern world. Set against a backdrop of shimmering gold powder on the cap, the figure of Karyoubinga evokes feelings of lightness and harmony, perfectly in keeping with the theme. This sense of calm and soothing peace is carried through the barrel of the pen, birds and a floral motif provide a complimentary backdrop to the central figure.

"Nominee in the 2008 Pen World Reader's Choice Awards
-- Best Maki-e Artistry"
The pen exhibiting the best Maki-e artistry;  Maki-e encompasses a number of lacquer-working techniques originating in Asia

Conway Stewart Soka Monyo Limited Edition
Image of Conway Stewart Soka Monyo Limited Edition
The beauty of Maki-e depends on the craftsman's skills: artistic design, knowledge of traditional techniques, and the ability to tell a story through the application of art.

The Soka Monyo is a wonderful symphony of art utilizing abstract designs to emphasize nature's colours. In today's modern living it is all too easy to get caught up in the hassle and bustle of life and work. We often forget to take a step aside to appreciate the strength of Mother Nature and the balance of harmony.

"Nominee in the 2008 Pen World Reader's Choice Awards
-- Best Maki-e Artistry"
The pen exhibiting the best Maki-e artistry;  Maki-e encompasses a number of lacquer-working techniques originating in Asia

Conway Stewart Model 100 Collection
Image of Conway Stewart Model 100
The Model 100 celebrates the Conway Stewart centenary year in 2005. Sleek and subtly curvaceous, the One Hundred Series looks fondly back to the Art Deco movement for inspiration. It is an extremely versatile pen, which is ideal for every occasion. The series is offered in traditional materials of the era, as well as modern colourful resins.

"Awarded 2006 Pen World Reader's Choice Awards
-- Best Pen, Brand Icon"

Conway Stewart Duro Collection
Image of Conway Stewart Duro
First launched in 1924, the Duro is a timeless classic British pen from Conway Stewart, the right size for the pocket and treasured by both the men and women who use this pen in their daily professional lives. Its timeless lines are pure 1920's, but are as contemporary and valid today as when the pen was first designed. Handmade from resin with solid hallmarked 18 carat gold rings and nib, the Duro has all the characteristics of a lovely classic pen and writes with a fluid and clear flow.

"Nominee in the 2005 Pen World Reader's Choice Awards
-- Best Pen, Future Classic"

Conway Stewart Churchill Collection
Image of Conway Stewart Churchill
Inspired by the great British statesman, who used our pens during the war years, the Churchill is in every way an impressive pen, and not least because of its size. Available in both traditional materials, such as ebonite and in modern resins, the Churchill comes in a range of colours from classic black to the riotously vibrant.

"Awarded 2001 Pen World Reader's Choice Awards
-- Best Pen, Retro Styling"

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Internet Pens Appellation
Image of Conway Stewart Appellation
The Appellation is based upon Conway Stewart's popular Wellington model.  A Latin inscription is engraved on the sterling silver cap band "In Vino Veritas" or "in wine there is truth" with a  solid silver disc inserted on the cap top and engraved with grapes motif. The Appellation is an ideal gift for any connoisseur of wine and fine living! Available exclusively from Internet Pens.
Corporate & Exclusive
Smoke Ball
Lawyer's Pen

Image of Carbolic Smoke Ball Lawyer's Pen
The Lawyer's Pen is based on Conway Stewart's Wellington design  with a discreet legal motif. It is the perfect gift to a lawyer in the family, or to colleagues or clients who will immediately admire its understated elegance and appreciate its practical qualities. Available exclusively from the Carbolic Smoke Ball.

Corporate & Exclusive
Total Fine Writing  Total Blue Elegance
Lovingly constructed of hallmarked solid sterling silver, the Total Blue Elegance exclusive edition has been designed in the style of Fabergé, with a highly detailed guilloche fox-head pattern engraved on the cap and body. Available exclusively from the Total Fine Writing.