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Conway Stewart is privileged to work with renowned artisans and our pens are recognised as the finest of British craftsmanship. 

This newsletter highlights a new limited edition from our hand painted series. Limited to only 25 pieces world-wide the Darwin edition is destined to become a future Conway Stewart classic.

Conway Stewart is honoured to have won many global awards for our models and designs. We continue to strive to maintain this high-level of craftsmanship for our customers to enjoy and to become future heirlooms.

Darwin Limited Edition
Limited to only 25 pieces world-wide

Image of Darwin Limited EditionThe BBC conducted a survey in 2002 to establish whom the general public believed to be the all time 100 Greatest Britons. Sir Winston Churchill ranked 1st place, Isambard Kindom Brunel, 2nd place, Diana Princess of Wales as 3rd place, Charles Darwin, 4th place, William Shakespeare, 5th place and Sir Isaac Newton at 6th Place.

There will be many celebrations planned for 12 February 2009 in honour of Darwin's 200th birthday and Conway Stewart is proud to acknowledge the life and work of Charles Darwin through the limited production of this beautifully hand painted Darwin edition. Charles Darwin was a British scientist who published the fundamentals of the theory of evolution which gave us thought for consideration into how we feel about the natural world.

Sir Isaac Newton
Limited Edition

Image of Isaac Newton Limited Edition The Conway Stewart Sir Isaac Newton Limited Edition has been created using the art of hand painting, with the cap and barrel incorporating his portrait and most famous mathematical  theories.

The Conway Stewart Sir Isaac Newton is a fitting tribute to this greatest of English scientists, featuring an image depicting his huge impact on theoretical astronomy, defining the laws of motion and universal gravitation on the barrel, while the cap is adorned with the likeness of Newton himself, taken from the famous portrait by Godfrey Kneller in 1689.

William Shakespeare
Limited Edition
Image of William Shakespeare Limited EditionThe Conway Stewart Shakespeare Limited Edition features hand painting to evoke scenes from one of his earliest theatrical triumphs, and is thought to be the classic but tragic love story.

The Conway Stewart Shakespeare is a fitting tribute to this greatest of English writers, featuring a scene from one of his most memorable works, Romeo and Juliet on the barrel, while the cap is adorned with the likeness of Shakespeare himself, taken from the famous engraving in the First Folio of Shakespeare's works.

Plymouth Pilgrims
Limited Edition

Image of Plymouth Pilgrims Limited EditionThe Conway Stewart Pilgrim Limited Edition has been created using the art of airbrush and hand painting to evoke scenes from the history of the First Pilgrim settlers.

With depictions of the coastlines of both Plymouth, where the settlers first set sail, and  Massachusetts Bay where they eventually settled framing an ocean scene of the Mayflower at sail on the cap, the Pilgrim Pen is a beautiful work of art. Additional scenes of the Massachusetts Bay Colony are painted on the barrel, showing scenes from the everyday life of the first settlers.

Both cap and barrel of the Churchill model are accented with end caps of solid Ivory Casein, and the trim is a rich gold colour, putting the final touch to this miniature masterpiece.

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