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First launched in 1924, the Duro is a timeless classic British pen from Conway
Stewart, the right size for the pocket and treasured by both the men and women who use this pen in their daily professional lives.

Its timeless lines are pure 1920's, but are as contemporary and valid today as when
the pen was first designed.

Handmade from resin with solid hallmarked 18 carat gold rings and nib, the Duro has proven to demonstrate the characteristics of a lovely classic pen and writes with a fluid and clear flow.
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Duro Heritage Limited Edition

In celebration of the long-standing Duro series, Conway Stewart is launching the "Duro Heritage" limited edition.

Please look out for our next newsletter giving images and details on this special limited edition.
Launch Date: November 01, 2007

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From November 01, the resin Duro range
will be retired from our regular editions and
made available only through our special
Bespoke service.

new Wellington is a superb successor
to the Duro model and is offered in a wide
range of colours to suit the most discerning

This newsletter details a selection of resin finishes currently available for our Duro model before it is retired from our regular edition line.
Image of Duro Whirl finishesDuro Resin Whirl designs
From left to right:

Yellow Whirl
The rich vibrant warmth of autumn colours represented by glowing bands of vivid yellow set against a back drop of luxious russet. The Yellow Whirl is fun, vibrant and modern. Ideal to express your individuality.

White Whirl
Don't let the name fool you; our White Whirl is intertwined on an electric blue foundation of this hand made resin. The underlying mixture of shimmering light and stunning rich blue is perfectly accented with invigorating swirls and swooping lines of white. It's both modern and classic at the same time.

Red Whirl
Not just a deep and elegant green, our Red Whirl takes green to new heights! Shimmering shades of pearlescent green are blended together to form the backdrop to swirling lines of rich red. The effect is stunning and outspoken. Red Whirl is both bold and adventurous!

Image of Duro Autumn finishes Duro Resin Autumn finishes
From left to right:

Our classic mixture of cream and translucent amber is called Shingle. Bringing to life evocative memories of days spent on the beach, Shingle is warm and inviting, and sets off the studied elegance of the Duro perfectly, while not being too overpowering even in the larger Churchill. It is a color for those desiring powerful expression coupled with restrained dignity.

Honey Noire
Rich orange amber marbled with deep black, our Honey Noire elegantly adapts itself to both the sturdy lines of the classic Duro as well as the modern 100.  A warm color evokes gentle contemplation, even as it sets a striking note of distinguished elegance.

As a fiery flow of Magma headed down the slopes of a volcano, Lava is both exciting and portentous! Much as the molten rock beneath a thin crust of cooling lava, it's hot tones of red, orange, and yellow are masked with rich ebony marbling.

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Sepia Blue
A deep indigo background forms the base for our Sepia Blue. We have added lighter shades of navy and pearlescent amber to create this unique color. It shimmers with life while retaining a sophisticated elegance that fits perfectly in any setting.

Flecked Amethyst
For fans of passion and purple, Flecked Amethyst is a sure pleaser. Faithful to its name, it begins with a gently shimmering background of a deep, dark purple, we added flakes of a lighter shimmering purple pearl, and accented with light tracings of lavender.

Flecked Autumn
Featuring deep hues of rich light and dark blue marble with tones of russet, our Flecked Autumn is an exceptional color whether featured on the classic Churchill, Duro or the sleek new 100. It is both subtle in the mixture of shades as well as vibrant. It reflects the feeling of a typical crisp August day in the English countryside.
Conway Stewart logoDuro Resin Classic finishes
From left to right:

Classic Green
Our Classic Green lives up to its name. It is everything that a marbled green color should be. Simple, clean, and elegant. Classic Green is a mixture of deep viridian shades mixed with olive and shimmering highlights of glowing pearl. It is everything that an English green should be!

Bracket Brown
Our Bracket Brown is a dashing interpretation of the basic marbled brown color. Deep reddish browns blend into a marbling of translucent tan complimented by pearl highlights.  Whether set off against the rich 18 carat solid gold trim of the Duro, or restrained by the slim lines of the stunning model 100 and the Nelson or the tapered design of the Wellington, Bracket Brown makes an elegant statement.

Classic Fresian
With gleaming white accented by rich marbled black, our Classic Frisian Duro catches the eye with an easy elegance that is both captivating and energetic. The perfect blend of fun and fashion for today's busy professional.

Classic Black
You may think that there is not much to say about our Classic Black. It is a basic black color, the backbone of fine writing instruments. Nevertheless, if you are looking for a pen that is the height of understated elegance, you reach for a pen rendered in Classic Black. The sleek lines of our model 100 and Nelson, tapered lines of our Wellington or the sturdy classic shape of the Duro and Churchill, all are portrayed to perfection in Classic Black.

Please look out for our next newsletter detailing new launches. Many times, our editions sell out very quickly so reserve your pens early through your favorite retailer. If you need addresses of a Conway Stewart authorised stockist, do not hesitate to contact us.

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