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New Edition, 'Babbage'
August, 2007 - Vol 1, Issue 18
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Charles Babbage is popularly known as the "Father of Computing" for his pioneering work with computing machines. The use of Jacquard punch cards, chains and subassemblies, and the logical structure of the modern computer all developed from the work of Babbage.

image of Babbage roller ball
Babbage was born in London on December 26, 1791, the son of Benjamin Babbage, a London banker and grandson to Benjamin Babbage, who was the Mayor of Totnes, Devon in 1754. Although Babbage was born in London, he's regarded as a Devonian.
Image of Babbage roller ball
Babbage loved practical science, and was among the first to apply higher mathematics to commercial and industrial problems. Babbage, along with his draftsmen, conducted pioneering work in the field of precision engineering. Since the conventional mechanical drawing used at the time proved inadequate for his engines, he developed his own abstract notation. He called this work with mechanical notation "one of the most important additions I have made to human knowledge". With the die-cast pewter gear wheels of his Difference Engine, and with his design of lathes and tool-shapers, Babbage had a huge influence on the British machine tool industry. The foreman in Babbage's shop, Sir Joseph Whitworth was responsible for the introduction of the first series of standard screw threads.
Image of Babbage roller ball
The Conway Stewart Babbage edition is a spectacular celebration of the life and work of Charles Babbage. With a simple and straightforward cylindrical cap and barrel, the Babbage pays homage to the underlying structure of Babbage's work. Both the cap and barrel are covered in an intricate pattern of engine turned engraving in a concentric circular pattern. The result is at once simple and intricate, a perfect reflection on the work of Charles Babbage.

The Conway Stewart Babbage edition is being made as a roller ball, an eminently practical choice for today's lover of fine writing instruments. Roller ball pens offer the luxurious feel of the fountain pen's liquid ink combined with the rugged practicality of the ball-point pen. The Babbage is also designed as a clipless pen, intended to be carried in a briefcase, organiser or handbag, and sized to fit the pen loops built into these. In keeping with the life of Charles Babbage, practicality and attention to detail form the pre-eminent aspects of this design.
Launch Date: August 17, 2007

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