1000 Jobs Challenge

Curtis Nelson
Owner, Nelson Industries

Copying, Printing and Laminating

San Jose, CA 

$6,000 invested
Hi, I'm Curtis.

I've been in the commercial printing industry for 21 years. I'm a divorced single dad with three kids. Running my own business can be challenging, but it's also fun, it's what I know, and it's the best way I have to provide for my family.

With Opportunity Fund's help, I was able to invest $6,000 to upgrade my equipment for digital printing. Now, my business is up-to-date with new technology and I can provide the services my customers expect.
I'm committed to my business, to my family, and to my community. I'm grateful for the business advice and support Opportunity Fund provided me.

Will you make a donation to help create jobs like the one I created for myself?

Curtis Nelson


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