1000 Jobs Challenge

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Basic Green Cleaning Service
Started 2007
Eco-friendly cleaning company

$2,150 loan
11 employees 
Hi, I'm Corey.

When I was growing up in San Francisco, my dad provided us with a safe home and opportunities in life. He was my role model. Now that I'm an adult, he's become my friend and my business partner. We run an eco-friendly janitorial company together: Basic Green Cleaning Service.

When we needed a loan to expand our business, Opportunity Fund believed in us. As our company grows, we take pride in our commitment to customer service and to protecting the environment. We're also proud to have created 11 jobs, helping others to provide for their own families, too.


Will you make a donation to help create more jobs? If someone made a difference in your life - like my dad did for me - consider making a gift in their honor.

Corey Griffin 


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