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Are you asking the right questions?
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You know it's important to ask the "right" question, but what is that and how do you do it? Simply put: the right question is one that results in a meaningful answer. Since that's easier said than done, I give people the following tips when we practice this in my "Business Analysis" classes.

First, it's critical to understand why you're asking the question. This may seem obvious to you, but it may not be obvious to the people you are questioning. Asking yourself "why" you are asking the question, may help you formulate the RIGHT question. It's about asking purposeful questions. Plus people like to know why they are being asked something. This may help them open up to you, volunteer information they may know will help you, or allay any fears about how the information will be used.

Next, pay close attention to the types of questions that you ask. Do you ask more open-ended or close-ended questions? How do these different types of questions influence your responses? If you're not getting enough information, perhaps you need to ask more open-ended questions. Understanding the intention of your question, will help you prepare the RIGHT type of question.

Additionally, you'll want to think about who you are asking. You'll want to consider factors such as your audience's communication style (for example, do you need to ask short direct questions or do you need to include detailed information?), their interests in what you are asking (may help you formulate a compelling question and determine the quality and quantity of your responses), and their knowledge (may influence what you ask and how you ask your questions).

Also, consider how you want to gather the information. The RIGHT questioning method will fit the purpose and audience and get the most useful answers. In some situations, you may want to ask face-to-face questions. Email or web surveys may be more effective in other situations. Remember to give people enough time to respond so you can get complete, clear, and accurate responses.

Following these tips will help you ask purposeful questions that result in meaningful answers in a way that's mutually beneficial to you and your audience.

Delta Dental Brushes Up on Project Management
Delta Dental has been providing dental insurance for over 50 years. They are successful because of their passion for oral health and the exceptional people they employ.

On October 5 and 6, Delta Dental of Colorado hosted "Project Management for Managers" - a customized workshop designed and facilitated by Ready2ACT. Most of the participants didn't have any formal training in project management, so they learned a lot. Here are some of their comments on what they liked best about the workshop:

  • "Information was useful to day-to-day activities here. Tools and techniques can be implemented immediately."
  • "Very clear workbook materials-real life examples to explain new concepts."
  • "Practical approach, collaboration, pace, flexibility, opportunity to observe the team."
  • "Given the complexity of the subject, the pace and material was excellent."
  • "All the tools available for successful project management."

If you're interested in customizing a workshop to meet your specific needs, please contact us.

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