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Be Calm in Stressful Times
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With all that's happening in today's environment, it's no wonder that people report feeling more stressed than ever. Most people feel stressed in situations in which they have no control or influence. Although we can't control things like the economy, diseases, or disasters, we can change the way that we think about them.

1) We can choose to accept the things that we cannot change (yes, the Serenity Prayer is handy in stressful situations). This doesn't mean you like it, but that you accept that you don't control it.

2) We can decide that everything is perfect the way it is. Wishing and hoping things were different only adds to our stress level. It is what it is at this moment. Eliminating our judgment of perfection alleviates stress.

3) Spend your energy on what you can control or influence. Be realistic about these areas. This will help you feel empowered and decrease your stress.

4) Be present and focused on what you can be, have, or do at this very moment. Learn from the past but know you can't change it. Fretting about the future only causes anxiety. Instead plan for what you know now.

Take your stress and make it work for you by turning it into constructive energy with positive thoughts. Be in control of your life from the inside out.

Business Analysis Proves Valuable
What is "business analysis"? Business Analysis is a globally recognized role and profession (
It's a fancy term for identifying problems or opportunities, eliciting the needs and wants of customers, then clarifying and validating those requirements through documentation and communication.
The end result is implementing the best solution.

Every business does "analysis" internally, externally, or both. It's common but not easy. The most common reason for project failure is lack of proper requirements.

Achievement Consulting & Training, Inc. is offering two classes in March and April designed to help businesses save and/or make money, decrease rework, and improve customer satisfaction: Business Analysis Fundamentals and Business Analysis Boot Camp.

When smart organizations send their employees to these classes, these companies improve their competitiveness and productivity because they have highly trained people doing it (business analysis) right the first time.

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Upcoming Public Events
Business Analysis Fundamentals : April 28 & 29, 2010
B A (Business Analyst) Boot Camp: March 29- April 1, 2010
Comprehensive Project Management with PMP Prep:
June 28 - July 2, 2010

Join us in our new office and training center, just west of I-25 off Speer, at 2727 Bryant Street, Suite 230, Denver, CO 80211.


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