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Be a Hero at Work
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We are all trying to make the most of today's economy. With adversity comes opportunity, so businesses can and do thrive in this climate. There are three choices businesses are making. 1) Stop spending and wait it out. 2) Do nothing differently. 3) Spend money and/or time on training, process improvements, and marketing. These businesses are seizing the opportunity of downtime to figure out how to save money, improve customer satisfaction, and capture market share. They know that investing in their people, improves not only the business, but also morale and employee satisfaction. Employees have a chance to be a hero at work by saving time and money, maximizing resources, and using tools they learned in training.

Achievement Consulting & Training, Inc. is offering two classes this month designed to help businesses save and/or make money, decrease rework, and improve customer satisfaction: Business Analysis Fundamentals and BA Boot Camp. Additionally, there is certification available for the Business Analysis profession, so when businesses send their employees to these classes, they will improve their competitiveness in the marketplace by differentiating their services because they will have certified people on their staff. There are less than 500 certified business analysts (CBAP) in the world. You too can be a forerunner and cash in during this downturn. Contact us for more info.

Newmont Mines Gold Again
Newmont Mining Corporation is capitalizing on today's economy by investing in training, so that their people can be more efficient and effective on their projects. During the week long workshop, "Comprehensive Project Management with PMP Prep", Achievement Consulting & Training, Inc. trained geologists, engineers, IT professionals, and project managers to better define scope, create realistic schedules and budgets, identify quality standards, understand the procurement process, create staffing and communication management plans, and anticipate risks.

Some of these individuals will earn their globally recognized certification in project management from the Project Management Institute (PMI). Their commitment to best practices will save the company money and improve their professional careers. Let us show you how PMP certification can help.

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