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Weathering an economic downturn
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Some businesses are feeling the effects of an economic downturn most notably, the engineering and construction management industries. How do businesses survive? One of our clients, Vision Land Consultants, is increasing its practice of fundamentals:
1) Double marketing efforts to double your prospects and chances to increase your sales
2) Emphasize continuous process improvement to identify potential savings
3) Invest in learning to improve revenue, productivity, and results
4) Focus on strategic projects that support company goals and objectives
5) Increase customer service to differentiate yourself from competitors

When companies follow best practices, they see better results.

Time Warner Cable improves project management
In order to be even more successful while deploying advanced services and providing exceptional customer service, Achievement Consulting & Training, Inc. has facilitated project management workshops for the 2nd largest cable provider in the U.S. These workshops have helped Time Warner Cable forge a common understanding and agreement of project management techniques. The ultimate results of these workshops have included enhancements to TWC National Division's Project Management Office, heighten awareness by the executives who sponsor these projects, increased efficiency and productivity on projects utilizing best practices, and the ability to work more effectively on company-wide projects due to a common methodology and language.

Congratulations to Time Warner Cable for joining other Fortune 500 companies for their commitment to best project management practices!

Project Management training has the highest return on investment of any organization enhancement measurements. Please contact us if you're interested in learning more.

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