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Girl Scout Mariposas Fly High

Traditionally, the Girl Scouts are known for leadership building, outdoor activities, and the world-famous Girl Scout Cookie Program. However, some girls do not have the opportunity to participate in this leadership development organization, because of lack of financial resources, transportation, or volunteer support.
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Tyler Girl Scout Recognized at East Texas Luncheon

The third annual Real Girls Real Women- East Texas Awards Luncheon is scheduled for Wednesday, March 30 at Tyler’s Hollytree Country Club. This year, we are recognizing one outstanding Girl Scout and three outstanding women for their service to the East Texas community. Proceeds from this event will help provide support for the nearly 3,000 Girl Scouts in East Texas.
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The Girl Scout Cookie Invasion Continues

This January, tens of thousands of Girl Scouts Northeast Texas hit the streets, order cards in hand, and began taking orders for our famous Girl Scout Cookies. The Girl Scout Cookie Program is the nation's largest economic literacy program. The Cookie Program supports all the work at GSNETX including girl programming, adult volunteer training, staff resources, the Gift of Girl Scouting, 8 service centers, 6 camps and much more. This month you are sure to see Girl Scout Cookie booths at your local neighborhood stores. Can’t find a cookie booth near you? Download the Cookie Locator App! Use your phone's GPS location to find cookies nearby, or find cookies by zip code, city, or state. You can map your way to a Girl Scout cookie booth or share results with friends!
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  Upcoming Events
March 2011
Women's History Month

March 6-12, 2011
Girl Scout Week

March 30, 2011
Real Girls Real Women - East Texas

Alumnae Corner

We now have approximately 7,000 members of the GSNETX Alumnae Association. Special thanks to the Committee and to our Alumnae Association Chair Rani Garcia for their efforts in launching the Association last fall. Click here to learn more about the GSNETX Alumnae Association, and click here to connect with us via Linkedin.

Support Girl Scouts Today!

Through the support of donors like you, girls in Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas have access to six unique camps, opportunities to travel the world through “destinations,” and other amazing ways to reap the benefits of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience. Our programs are having an impact right now on girls and on our society. Our girls are taking action change the world. Visit
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For girls who stay in Girl Scouts for five or more years:

- 90% do not feel pressured to drink alcohol
- 96% avoid drugs
- 98% will not experience a teen pregnancy
- Only 1% of Girl Scouts will ever go before a juvenile court