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September 2009
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It's been a busy summer! We've been adding profiles to The Greenroof Projects Database, and we're now up to 939 Projects equaling 20,059,403 ft²  - now, we know that's just a drop in the living roofs bucket. Is your project included? If not then send us your project info to We're finalizing our third installment of the Greenroofs of the World Calendar, and 2010 is looking good, and will be ready for purchase by late September.
So what's up with our new WebTV series "Sky Gardens?" Our inaugural Sky Gardens episode premiered at the Boston GreenFest 2009
on Saturday, August 22, 2009, and you'll soon be able to see it on Greenroofs.TV and the GreenroofsTV channel on YouTube.
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Greenroofs of the World Calendar
2009 Greenroofs of the World Calendar2010 Greenroofs of the World 12-Month Wall Calendar will be available soon!  Our 11" x 18" full-color glossy 2010 Calendar will be full of beautiful living roof projects from all over the world once again.
In the 2009 Greenroofs of the World 12-Month Wall Calendar:

July features an Extensive Greenroof in the "U.S. Social Security Administration Southeast Payment Processing" building in Birmingham, Alabama, USA. This SSA world-class greenroof project was designed to achieve LEED® Silver certification and enhance the city's revitalization efforts. Currently one of the largest greenroofs in the U.S., it's alive with 160,000 Sedum plants covering two acres.  Birmingham's average summer highs soar above 90 degrees with unpredictable rainfall; the sedums were especially grown by Saul Nurseries, plant growers with extensive experience in the greenroof industry.

August features the "American Society of Landscape Architects HQ" with an Extensive Greenroof in Washington, DC, USA. The ASLA headquarters green roof serves as a demonstration project for the environmental benefits of green roofs and showcases what landscape architects contribute to this project type. The design includes two elevated "waves" that raise the plants to eye level as well as hide the HVAC system, and an innovative aluminum grating system. For more information click here.

September features the "Expo Zaragoza 2008" Roof Garden Intensive Commercial Greenroof in Zaragoza, Spain. The Expo Zaragoza 2008 utilized over 765,000 sf of ZinCo green roof systems representing an imposing environmental responsibility for stormwater management. The various types of water distribution in nature are displayed by different climatic zones along a river through the 11,000 sf "Agua Compartida" (Shared Water) Pavilion. The 754,000 sf of ZinCo's 'Perennial Garden' are intensively used as recreational area in daily life.

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Industry News

New York City Buildings Department: Read about new required items for greenroofs and solar electric generating systems in their property tax abatement program. [8.26.09]

State of Illinois: The Energy Department approved an Illinois proposal for $101M in green grant funds that would use federal stimulus money to jump-start manufacturing of wind turbine components and create other green energy businesses. The state plans a two-track application process. Short-term projects, such as green roofs and energy-efficiency retrofits, will have 45 days to file applications, with awards expected by early November. [8.14.09]

American Hydrotech: They're offering a free waterproofing and roofing resource handbook for all architects and design community professionals. Topics include sustainable design, waterproof product specification, and proper installation techniques for use by building professionals in designing and waterproofing roof decks, plazas, vertical foundations, reflecting pools, and green roof applications. [8.11.09]

Groundwork Sheffield: After successfully delivering their 'Introduction to Green Roofs' course to hundreds, they are expanding its greenroof training repertoire. Among other practitioners, reigning greenroof champion Dusty Gedge from delivers an in-depth workshop focusing on biodiversity, and how planning requirements can be met through the incorporation of ecological design principles. [6.26.09]

Green Roofs for Healthy Cities: Work towards your Green Roof Professional (GRP) designation by attending GRHC training courses. To register, visit  Always check their website, as course dates are subject to change. Green Roof Boot Camps - Intensive 4-day events for GRP candidates (courses can be taken separately or combined). Register no later than two weeks in advance for a 10% early bird discount on boot camp courses only. Learn more in Upcoming Events.


Moscow, Russia
Green green grass of Arbat
Moscow News, by Nathan Toohey
Novy Arbat has gone green with its own grassroots movement - a green-roof renovation. The Novy Arbat building that houses the Novoarbatsky Shopping Centre has had its rooftop covered in lawn grass. The total turf area consists of more than 2,700 square metres. The new 'field' comes with an automatic watering system incorporated into the layer of soil. At fixed intervals the control system releases the water via a spray system. [8.31.09]

Protecting Municipal Green Programs is the Smart Choice, even During the Recession
Red, Green, and Blue, by Amiel Blajchman
As the recession has forced municipal governments all over to tighten their belts, municipally run green initiatives have been some of the programs on the chopping block. Green roof technology is a common urban and rural roofing technique in Europe. While building managers find green roofs to be beneficial due to their insulation and reduced maintenance benefits, municipalities have developed green roof promotion programs to support aging sewer and wastewater infrastructure. [8.31.09]

Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Garden goals
Malaysia Star, by Andrew Sia
Concrete + greenery = green oasis? If there is one city in the region that has softened and swathed its urban concrete jungle with lush landscaping, it is Singapore. Singapore is targeting some 50 hectares of skyrise greenery by 2030 and its Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) launched its LUSH Programme (Landscaping for Urban Spaces and High-Rises) in April. This offers financial and planning incentives to developers to provide greenery at the upper levels of highrise buildings. And after green roofs and balconies, even the very vertical walls of buildings may be planted over. [8.30.09]

Nova Scotia, Canada
Dalhousie Offers Industrial Best Practices for Water
EP Magazine, by Staff
Dallhousie University's Eco-Efficiency Centre in partnership with the Salamander Foundation has developed 'Industrial Best Practices for Water Management: A Guide for Industry to Help Reduce Its Water Footprint.' The report covers the current state of water management in Canadian industrial parks and discusses the implications that inefficient water use can have not only on elevated operating costs, but public perceptions of environmental responsibility. Encouraging managers to think of industrial parks as ecosystems, where the outputs of one organization are the inputs of another, the report includes a number of practical suggestions to make better use of water locally, such as through green roofs, stormwater management, and storage. [8.26.09]

Mexico City, Mexico
Mexico City's green roofs help fight climate change
Xinhua, by Alexander Manda
More buildings in Mexico City are having plants on their roofs to help reduce pollution and lower the city's temperature to improve the environment for its population. Plants reflect less, which means less heat in the atmosphere, said Ramon Perez, who works for the North American Center for Environmental Information and Communication (CICEANA), a non-governmental organization that promotes sustainable development and provides environmental education. It also offers community-based ecological projects including green roofs. [8.25.09]

Upcoming Events

September 1-4: Green Culture in the City - 2009 IFLA APR Congress, Incheon, Korea

September 4-6: New Zealand Landscape & Garden Design Conference, Panmure, Auckland

For a complete listing, visit Upcoming Events and the Calendar inside our Forums section.
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A Momentous Occasion for the Planners of Boston GreenFest - Karen L. Weber, Coordinator of Boston GreenFest and Executive Director of Foundation for a Green Future, Inc., and others from the 2nd annual Boston GreenFest 2009 have many ideals regarding their festival, what it represents, and view it as an ethic to live by.

Boston GreenFest 2009 Boston GreenFest 2009 was held on the steps of City Hall in lovely Boston, Massachusetts. Bringing together community groups, corporations, small businesses, nonprofits, government agencies and citizens to share new technologies and ideas that can immediately change our daily lives and help bring about a more sustainable future, it was a success this year, too.

Turfed Roofs of Tórshavn, Faroe Islands See some great photos of sod covered roofs, some over 500 years old, in this remote archipelago nation in the North Atlantic Ocean halfway between Scotland and Iceland.

Congrats to all the new GRP's! Did you take the test? All at Green Roofs for Healthy Cities should be commended for their hard work and dedication to this milestone.  Congratulations to the new designees and so many people involved in the whole process! 

Guest Feature Article:
Lars Kronborg Bak, a Danish Landscape Architect, has spent a few years researching and developing a fiber matrix for green walls derived from plant fiber technology, his previous area of expertise. Although he says he has no commercial interest in this application, he does hope others can be inspired to go further. Read In the Shadow of the Vertical Garden.

Contributing Editors:

Kelly Luckett
, The Green Roof Guy, has written a book! His "Green Roof Construction and Maintenance" (GreenSource Books), 2009 from The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. is great, full of detailed, useful information for all of us. It's now available on for only $40.46.

Ralph Velasquez, the Sustainable Roofing Technologies Editor, is looking ahead to a green 2020 in his new Sustainable Roofing Technologies Column. He ponders how his grandchildren's and his own sustainable future will look like in a time others would be considering retirement.

Christine Thuring, the Student Editor, also contributes with her always interesting and newsworthy "Christine's Ramblings." Visit a few murs végétalisés, or vertical gardens, from famous botanist-cum-artist, Patrick Blanc, and others in Paris from her summer 2009 visit.

Also read her Exclusive Report on The 2nd International Green Roof Congress 2009 - Bringing Nature Back to Town in Nürtingen.

George Irwin, the Green Wall Editor, asks How are companies attracting attention today? What are they doing differently to draw you in? See George's new Green Walls Column about marketing ploys, "Green Walls as Marketing Trends in 2009."
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