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March 2009
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The Greenroof Directory: New! Speakers' Bureau - We constantly get requests from all over the U.S., Canada, the UK and beyond asking for recommendations for someone to speak about greenroofs  We send contacts for "Lunch and Learn" series, folks who offer lectures, workshops, etc. So we figured How easy would it be for our readers to simply search The Greenroof Directory in this field to contact these people themselves?  Then they could narrow their search by states or areas covered, without having to call or send us an email requesting the info...So, if you are a current advertising customer of ours and someone within your company/organization is available for public speaking, let us know and we'll add you to our Speakers' Bureau under Professional Services for free.

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Greenroofs Wallpapers
from Desktop Nexus: Now you can download gorgeous vegetated rooftops for your desktop, laptop, iPhone, PSP, and others from the images included in the 2009 Greenroofs of the World Calendar, too.
2009 Greenroofs of the World Calendar
2009 Greenroofs of the World Calendar2009 Greenroofs of the World 12-Month Wall Calendar is available at only $12.95 each, including S&H, (less for quantity purchases)!

Our 11" x 18" full-color glossy 2009 Calendar is full of beautiful living roof projects from Spain, Canada, Germany and across the U.S., plus green building events from all over the world.
The 2009 Greenroofs of the World 12-Month Wall Calendar:

February features "Watersong," a single family residence with an extensive greenroof by American Hydrotech in Steamboat Springs, Colorado from Land Design by Ellison.  The designer's vision was to marry the architecture to the landscape.  By settling the green roof into the surrounding environment they were able to minimize the visual impact of the structure and invite the surrounding beauty of the mountain environment into the living space. 

March features the "Heinz 57 Center," a corporate/commercial extensive greenroof in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania from Roofscapes.  The Heinz 57 Center, also known as the Gimbels Building Restoration, is blanketed with an un-irrigated, 5" thick Type III Roofmeadow® Savannah assembly. Occupying the 14th floor, the 30' wide terrace surrounding the office penthouse office allows stunning views of meadows containing 31 xeric plant species, including six North American natives.

Do you want your project included in the new Greenroofs of the World 2010 Wall Calendar? Click here for more information.
The Greenroof Directory: Referral Partner Program
Greenroof Directory RPPHelp spread the word and save or even make some money! We are implementing a Referral Partner Program for The Greenroof Directory that will help us continue to promote the Green Roof Industry and all your products and services, while adding a little $GREEN$ into your pockets!

The Referral Partner Program allows you to offer all your partners and associates a discount off the listed price, depending on your listing level.  Every discounted dollar amount will also be matched and credited to your account and applied cumulatively to your next renewal.

Please call 888-477-1326 for additional information.
Industry News
New York City: If you are planning a greenroof or solar installation in NYC this year, you can apply for a tax abatement, but you must act quickly - the deadline is March 16, 2009 [03.04.09].

City of Toronto: Following initial funding approval in 2007, Toronto City Hall is offering greater subsidies to businesses pursuing green renovations, including greenroofs. The latest move will provide cash incentives to commercial, industrial and institutional property owners to install eco-roofs. Currently, the City is willing to provide incentives of $50 (Canadian) per square meter up to $100,000 for building owners who install greenroofs, on a one-year pilot basis [03.02.09].

Green Roofs for Healthy Cities: Read "7th Annual Greening Rooftops for Sustainable Communities: Pushing the Envelope - Conference Agenda Released" [02.17.09]. This year's conference in Atlanta, GA will feature more than 60 presenters, including 30 case studies, 20 research papers and over 25 poster sessions as well as local tours.  This level of interest is a reflection of the steady 30% growth in the industry.

Accredited Green Roof Professional (GRP):  Become accredited on June 5, 2009 in Atlanta! The green roof industry in North America is rapidly expanding and the need for trained professionals who are familiar with green roof benefits, design, implementation, and technology has never been greater! As an accredited Green Roof Professional, you will be able to distinguish yourself in the marketplace with knowledge of the special requirements and challenges of green roofs from design through to maintenance.

ASLA: The Clean Energy Stimulus and Investment Assurance Act of 2009 (S.320) is legislation geared toward creating high-wage green-collar jobs and revitalizing the economy through clean energy investments. The American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) worked with WA Senator Maria Cantwell's office to ensure that a section of the bill was dedicated to greenroof tax incentives. Section 506 of the bill gives a 30% tax credit for qualified green roof property expenditures on residential and commercial buildings [01.29.09]. ASLA also received technical support from Green Roofs for Healthy Cities [01.30.09].

London, England

'High-rise homes for wildlife' project launched
Daisy Newman of propertytalk Live! reports on the new Living Roofs for Wildlife project which will create seven greenroofs for rare bugs and birds in some of the city's most densely-populated areas. Dusty Gedge, director of, says "It's hard to imagine a sustainable or indeed bearable future in our cities without living roofs. They will be vital in helping to offset the impacts of climate change, through reducing energy use and preventing flooding." [3.05.09]

Bronx, NY
Fore! Bronx Water Treatment Plant Doubles as a Driving Range
Read about the U.S.' largest continuous green roof at nine acres. Set to be completed by 2012 at a budget of $95 million, the treatment plant is also a high-security compound to protect the water being treated as well as a green golf course. Cliff Kuang of Fast Company reporting. [3.02.09]

The World
Meet Farming's Future
Next American City's Hamida Kinge asks Dickson Despommier if he believes that investments in vertical farms in areas of prime real estate isn't feasible because other businesses would yield more of a profit? He doesn't think we'd have a problem convincing developers that this would be a good idea due to increased generation of money, jobs, and even tourist interest. [2.19.09]

U.S. and Australia
Green trees deliver green benefits
Anna Salleh of ABC Science Online discusses how the economic benefits of greening urban areas outweigh the costs, and the "tremendous opportunity" inherent with greenroofs and green walls which provide similar benefits to urban forests. Sidonie Carpenter, of Green Roofs Australia, says planting vegetation on roofs and walls can make use of otherwise extensive unused space and that they not only help insulate homes, but can even protect them from fire. [2.16.09]

The World
Growing Food Locally: Integrating Agriculture Into the Built Environment
BuildingGreen's Alex Wilson delves into the possibilities of converting flat roofs and vacant lots of urban centers for effective food production use. Numerous models can make bring building-integrated food production to our projects, while making our food supply chain more sustainable. EBN: 18:2 [2.01.09]
Upcoming Events

March 16: Deadline to apply for a NYC greenroof tax abatement, New York, NY

March 18-22:
San Francisco Flower & Garden Show, San Francisco, CA

March 24:
ZinCo Green Roof Seminar, Vancouver. B.C., Canada

March 25-26:
Greenprints2009 Sustainable Communities by Design, Atlanta, GA

March 27: Green Roof Design 101 Introductory Course, Atlanta, GA

March 27-29: The Energy Trust Better Living Home and Garden Show, Portland, OR

March 28: Earth Hour @ 8:30-9:30 p.m. local time, The World

March 28-29: Seattle Green Festival, Seattle, WA

April 8:
ZinCo Green Roof Seminar, Toronto, Canada

April 17-19:
Go Green Expo, New York, New York

April 18-21:
2009 Green Cities Conference and Expo, Oregon Convention Center, Portland, Oregon

April 23:
Vegetative Roof Systems for Roofing Contractors: Your Rewards, Responsibilities and Risks, Boston, Massachusetts

April 25-29:
APA's (American Planning Association) National Planning Conference, Minneapolis, Minnesota

May 25-27:
2nd International Green Roof Congress in Stuttgart-Nürtingen, Germany

International Green Roof Congress
In Spring 2009 IGRA will deliver the 2nd International Green Roof Congress in Stuttgart-Nürtingen.  The congress will place special emphasis on the use of Green Roofs within the area of urban planning and will feature amazing Green Roof projects from all over the world (e.g. Meydan-Istanbul, Expo2008-Zaragoza, Canary Wharf-London, Fusionpolis-Singapore). Online registration is open - visit the International Green Roof Congress website in English and German.

June 3-5:
2009 Greening Rooftops for Sustainable Communities Conference, Awards & Trade Show, Atlanta, Georgia


For a complete listing, visit Upcoming Events and the Calendar inside our Forums section.
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Green Paks Green Roof Blocks introduces their newest green roof innovation, Green Paks, the easiest and most affordable way to own a green roof. These knitted polyethylene green roof modules are pre-filled with lightweight engineered soil. Simply cover the roof area with Green Paks, insert the plants of your choice, and start enjoying your green roof. Green Paks are fast, easy, and affordable and carry a twenty year limited warranty.

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Linda S. Velazquez
Linda S. Velazquez
Editor & Publisher

Linda interviews one of our Contributing Editors, shares info and offers commentary in her new Sky Gardens blog postings.  Linda kicks off her "Meet the Editors" series with From Llamas to Greenroofs: An Interview with Ed Snodgrass, co-owner of Emory Knoll Farms and our Plant Editor.  Read all about his sustainable way of life on the farm and more.  Learn about the New York City tax abatement for greenroofs and the looming deadline in both "New NYC Solar and/or Green Roof Tax Abatement Documents"
and "Planning on a Greenroof or Solar in NYC? Read this Now!".
Hear her opinion on economic sustainability involving an innocent dog house and DIY options in "Sustainability is for the Masses, by Design & Example" and read some of the commentary from readers, too.

Guest Feature Article:
Recently, Christine Thüring, our Student Editor (among other titles including greenroof ecologist, designer and tour operator), visited India for four weeks and provides her feature, "Green Buildings in India," highlighting her trip to the first Platinum-LEED building in the country, topped with a vegetated roof, of course.

Also see January's feature from Wolfgang Ansel of IGRA: International Green Roof Congress 2009 -"Bringing Nature Back to Town" about the exciting upcoming conference in Stuttgart/Nuertingen, Germany this May.

Contributing Editors:

Ralph Velasquez: 
Ralph discusses what to look out for in the exciting world of photovoltaics in his new Sustainable Roofing Technologies Column entitled "Rooftop Solar Installations."

Haven Kiers: 
The Design Editor shares her first Sky Gardens post in the "2009 Top 10 List of Hot Trends in Greenroof Design," where she and Linda welcome your input for this year's Top 10!

Christine Thuring: 
Read the Student Editor's new Sky Gardens post, "Climate change and phenology > USA-NPN needs your help!" - she wants you to take action!

Did you read George Irwin's last Green Walls Column: "Green Walls and Indoor Air Quality" yet?"
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