November 2007

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    New! Order your 2008 Greenroofs of the World 12-Month Wall Calendar in time for the holidays! Our glossy Calendar features beautiful living roofs from around the world at many scales - from 52 to almost half a million sf - highlighting various project types, from residential to commercial to industrial and more. And the Calendar is chock full of international green building events, too. Check back soon for ordering info.

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    Upcoming Events in 2008 will include an even wider range of international green building happenings, as greenroofs continue to proliferate our ever-budding collective green consciousness. Continue to send us your 2008 Upcoming Events by name, date, and location notices for inclusion for free!

    Greenroofs.TV - have you visited yet? See projects and profiles on YouTube ranging from the progress of the CA Academy of Sciences to the world's new largest modular greenroof in PA. Hear from the likes of Charlie Miller of Roofscapes and Maureen Connelly from BCIT. See a quick Fox TV interview of Linda Velazquez and her "boutique" greenroof in downtown Atlanta in Additional Video Links and learn about an AZ desert greenroof from ABC's Extreme Makeover Home Edition.

    Upcoming Events

    Fall and Winter: Green Roofs for Healthy Cities Design 101, 201, 301 and Green Walls 101 Courses, North America

    November 26-December 3: EBay Auction for Chicago Cool Globes

    December 3-4: Energy Star Summit, Denver, CO

    December 10-13: Ecobuild Fall & AEC-ST Fall Conference, Washington, D.C.

    December 11: Green Drinks Big Green Holiday Party, New York, NY

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    Industry News

    W.P. Hickman Systems and Earth Pledge: Partnership Aims to Install 200 Green Roofs by 2010. The Viridian urban sustainable development partnership program's goal is to design and install 200 green roofs by 2010, specifically targeting low income housing developments and educational institutions across the country. Sixteen major metropolitan areas have been chosen for green roof installations, including Cleveland, Chicago, Atlanta, Boston, New York, Seattle, Portland and many others [11.26.07].

    Green Roofs for Healthy Cities: GRHC's new Plants and Growing Media 401 will be launched at the 6th annual Greening Rooftops for Sustainable Communities Conference in Baltimore, MD, April 30 - May 2, 2008. The full preliminary Conference Program will be available online by December 1, 2007. And in January 2008, the Green Roof Infrastructure Monitor will be relaunched as the Living Architecture Monitor with four issues a year.


    Paris, France
    PREFAB FRIDAY: Construisons Demain Green Prefab
    Inhabitat's Ali posts brilliant modular designs and photos about French designers who continue to put the "fab" in prefab with prefabricated wooden modules espousing low-energy living and living roofs, too. [11.23.07]

    Rappahannock County, VA.
    What is the proposed Stormwater Management Ordinance?
    Beverly Hunter summarizes questions and answers to the Rappahannock County Planning Commission on how and why Low Impact Development techniques are emphasized in the new ordinance. Examples of LID site design cited in the draft ordinance include capturing rain water on a greenroof. [11.21.07]

    London, England
    Green roof at new Guardian HQ 'dull, bland and cheap'
    The ecological effectiveness of a "low diversity" sedum greenroof is questioned at the Guardian newspaper's new seven-story building at King's Cross. Dusty Gedge, one of the UK's foremost greenroof experts, gives his opinion along with commentary from some of the dissidents. Peter Gruner from the Camden New Journal reporting. [11.16.07]

    Harrisburg, PA
    Roof group gets grants for plants
    City gets energy grant to build 'living' roofs
    Tom Knapp and Ad Crable of Lancaster Newspapers write how greenroof grants will provide some but not most of the $1 million needed to build the city's planned 79,000 sf of vegetated roofs on seven buildings in Lancaster County, including the new YMCA, the former city police station, and more. [11.15 and 11.14.07]

    Washington, D.C.
    D.C. offers up cash to buildings to go green on top
    The Washington Business Journal article explores how the city's Department of Environment is coaxing landlords and homeowners to make the tops of their buildings more green by extending a five-year subsidy program for building new greenroofs. Vandana Sinha reporting. [11.09.07]

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    Green Roof Blocks introduces our newest green roof innovation, Green Paks, the easiest and most affordable way to own a green roof. These knitted polyethylene green roof modules are pre-filled with lightweight engineered soil. Simply cover the roof area with Green Paks, insert the plants of your choice, and start enjoying your green roof. Green Paks are fast, easy, and affordable and carry a twenty year limited warranty.

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    Ralph Velasquez, our ASTM Editor, has returned from the Fall Meetings. Learn about the new ASTM Fall updates and how two of the most critical issues that continue to prove to be a sticking point are those of fire and wind.

    Read our new Guest Feature from Jim Lindell entitled "Stormwater Runoff Issues." Jim discusses how waterborne illnesses may actually increase in the future because of climate change, population growth, and shifting land use, and opens up another case for greenroofs.

    Patrick Carey, our Architecture Editor, has a new posting and issues a Call for Research. Read his long awaited "A View from the Sky Trenches" commentary entitled "The Minions Project: A Bio-Regional Greenroof Research Call."

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