April 2007

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    Classifieds: We've created a new section for posting ads titled Classifieds for Greenroof Properties for Sale or Rent - for residential, commercial and vacation destinations - $99 until it sells. As greenroofs continue to proliferate, a resale market will naturally follow - see the Residential/Multi Use Listing in downtown Atlanta available for sale. You will now find JobLinks here, too - still free postings!

    The Greenroof Directory: Speaking of the Conference, if you're still not listed, now's the time! Exhibitors and attendees can take advantage of the Special Conference 20% Off Discount for Premium and Standard listings in The Greenroof Directory.

    Traffic Stats: We are currently averaging well over 1 million hits and over 42,000 unique visitors per month for the past 12 months. And, last month we averaged over 11,600 unique visitors per week.

    The Greenroof Projects Database: We now have 559 profiles listed from across the globe in The Greenroof Projects Database. Look for some new eye-catching features coming soon! at the Conference

    Greening Rooftops for Sustainable Communities Conference, Awards & Trade Show 2007: We're ready for the Conference in Minneapolis starting on Sunday, April 29 - Tuesday May 1. Are you coming? Make sure to come by and visit our Exhibitor Booth #125! Publisher Linda Velazquez and our Contributing Editors will be exhibiting, presenting sessions, workshops, courses, and more. Here's the list:

    Linda and Design Editor Haven Kiers: Presenting Hot Trends in Design: Chic Sustainability, Unique Driving Factors & "Boutique" Greenroofs on Tuesday, May 1 from 8:30 - 10:00 a.m. in the Design Session 2.4 Innovative Uses of Green Roofs, Room: Greenway F-J.

    Plant Editor Ed Snodgrass: Come to Ed's book-signing of Green Roof Plants: A Resource and Planting Guide on Monday, April 30 from 1-3 p.m. in the bookstore area of the trade show. Also, Ed is an invited panelist in the Track 4 Networking Session, Session 4.1 "Greening the Green Roof System" on Monday April 30, Room: Nicollet D, 1st Floor.

    The Roving Exhibitor Kelly Luckett: Visit Kelly at the Green Roof Blocks Exhibitor Booth #617 on the Trade Show Floor.

    Architecture Editor Patrick Carey: Patrick is an invited panelist in the Track 4 Networking Session, Session 4.2 "Overcoming the Challenge of the Residential Green Roof Market" on Monday, April 30, Room: Nicollet D, 1st Floor. Patrick will also teach a Green Roof Design 101 Workshop on Wednesday, May 2, Room: Lake Superior A, 5th Floor.

    ASTM Editor Ralph Velasquez: Ralph will be presenting "Life Cycle Cost Project for Green Vegetative Roofs" in Track 2 Case Studies and Design, Session 2.2 Stormwater Management and Life Cycle Calculation on Monday, April 30, Room: Greenway F-J. Also Visit Ralph at the Tremco Booth #T5.

    Design Editor Haven Kiers: In addition to her "Hot Trends" presentation, Haven will be teaching the Green Roof Design 101 Workshop on Sunday, April 29.

    G.R.E.E.N. Editor Dr. Bill Retzlaff: Bill will present a poster session aptly entitled "Green Roof Environmental Evaluation Network."

    Student Editor Christine Thuring: Christine is a member of the GRHC Research Committee and will be in attendance at the Research Committee meeting and the brand-new Growing Medium Committee meeting.

    Contact us if you are interested in free Trade Show passes for Minneapolis!

    Top NewsLinks Stories

    Pelosi, Boxer work to make Capitol greener
    Edward Epstein writes in the San Francisco Chronicle about Speaker Nancy Pelosi wanting to set an environmental example for the rest of the country, vowing to make the House's five buildings and 6 million square feet of space carbon-neutral by the end of 2008. Beard is working on a second report for Pelosi, considering more ambitious steps that include planting roof gardens. President Bush, through executive order, has already ordered the government to cut energy use and employ new technologies in buildings. [4.20.07]

    Pittsburgh, PA.
    EPA, NRDC sign pledge to green cities, prevent pollution
    WaterWorld staff reports the Natural Resources Defense Council and the Environmental Protection Agency signed a statement of intent to pursue green infrastructure approaches to reduce sewer overflows and stormwater pollution. The pledge recognizes simple solutions including planting greenroofs. [4.18.07]

    Los Angeles, CA.
    More Green For Less
    Environmentally conscious building techniques may soon appear in L.A.'s affordable housing market, thanks to a partnership between the city and the national affordable housing non-profit Enterprise Community Partners. The Los Angeles Green Communities program will provide six $50,000 grants and technical assistance to local affordable housing projects that aim to include sustainability features such as water or energy conservation, greenroofs and recycled construction materials. LA Downtown News Online staff reporting. [4.02.07]

    Terraforming the new economy
    Geoff Wilson writes in ScienceAlert about "Terraforming" - the "Earth-shaping" of a planet, moon, or other body, the hypothetical process of deliberately modifying atmosphere, temperature, or ecology to resemble those of habitable by humans. He ponders how a city's built environment can be transformed with planted roofs and walls, and how terraforming is a convenient term for a most convenient truth. [3.30.07]

    Washington, D.C.
    Using Green Infrastructure to Protect Water Quality in Stormwater, CSO, Non Point Source, and other Water Programs
    The U.S. EPA recently issued a memo to highlight opportunities for EPA Regional Administrators to increase the development and use of green infrastructure in water program implementation, placing greenroofs at the top of their "common green infrastructure approaches" list. [3.05.07]

    Industry News

    Vancouver, British Columbia: The B.C. area is certainly stirring up a controversy over the denial for greenroof insurance coverage. Read these articles: "Developers vow to press on with garden roofs - Risks include condo owner disputes, reluctant insurers, higher upkeep", Victoria Times Colonist, by Carolyn Heiman of April 23, 2007 and "Insurance concerns threaten green roofs", Georgia Straight, by Matthew Burrows of April 19, 2007. See Linda's posting in Forums. Why don't you post your opinion, too?

    Green Roofs for Healthy Cities: Read their second annual industry survey of corporate members' industry growth in the Press Release "Green Roof Industry Grows By More Than 25% in 2006 with Over 100% Growth in the Intensive, Green Roof Garden Market Segment! Chicago Tops the List of Ten Cities for Most Green Roofs for Second Year! " of April 12, 2007.

    Minneapolis Green Roofs Council: Learn about the The Minnesota Green Roofs Council. The steering committee meets monthly and hosts workshops, social events, and offers tours of local green rooftops. They develop resources like the RoofBloom guide, the Minnesota Green Roofs Directory and their own Green Roofs Database.

    Featured Sponsor

    Green Roof Blocks introduces our newest green roof innovation, Green Paks, the easiest and most affordable way to own a green roof. These knitted polyethylene green roof modules are pre-filled with lightweight engineered soil. Simply cover the roof area with Green Paks, insert the plants of your choice, and start enjoying your green roof. Green Paks are fast, easy, and affordable and carry a twenty year limited warranty.

    Click here for the full page color brochure in The Greenroof Directory

    Guest Feature Article & Exclusives

    See our Guest Feature about the Green Roof Centre in Sheffield, UK by Project Manager Jeff Sorrill - a new venture from the University of Sheffield and Groundwork Sheffield and learn about their Green Roof Innovation Awards.

    Read the new Ask Ed Q & A column where he addresses the age old question, Bigger is better...isn't it?

    Read about the Roving Exhibitor's Primetime Experience in a special Green Extreme Makeover: Home Edition about a modular greenroof in the Arizona desert for a single mother and her children.

    Read the new April G.R.E.E.N. Research Report from Dr. Bill Retzlaff - G.R.E.E.N. is a research cooperative between SIUe, Green Roof Block, Jost Greenhouses, Midwest Groundcovers, Midwest Trading and Horticultural Supplies, JDR Enterprises, Emory Knoll Farms, Garick, The Gaia Institute, and

    Look for a new ASTM Green Roof Task Force Update from Ralph Velasquez early in May - he's just returned from the latest meeting!

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