October 2010
Issue: 86
Sound, visionary stewardship



We are so proud of our friend Sarah. She is an amazing woman--brilliant, funny, adventuresome and driven.

Sarah is future focused. She is a goal setter. Not just ordinary goals either but BHAGs (Big Hairy
Audacious Goals)!

A few years she set the goal of hiking one of the world's largest peaks--Everest! She prepared. She hiked. She got the gear. But at the last minute there was a problem getting the proper visas.
SarahDisappointed, but not deflated, she went off to hike interesting parts of the US. Still with her eye on a major hike she started planning again! She happily shared this picture of her summit hike at Mount Kilimanjaro earlier this month. Congratulations Sarah--you are proof that goal setting works!

What goals have you set for yourself? How's your progress?

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From Bill's Corner...

The economy is still sluggish. Layoffs are still increasing. Very few companies are hiring. With the uncertainty in the marketplace, it is easier for an employer to pay overtime to existing jobholders vs. taking on new employee and benefits. Retail and industrial are not at full capacity, and there is little incentive to expand the workforce. The poor job outlook is discouraging the employed from buying cars, homes, and other goods. This hesitance to spend may increase further corporate cutbacks and additional layoffs. It is not a pretty picture.

The Federal Reserve is giving clear signal that the picture is not rosy. Since interest rates are already low, the Fed has resorted to "quantitative easing". It is one of the few tools they have left. In my opinion, quantitative easing is another way to print money and flood the money supply, which will ultimately stimulate the economy. The Fed does not create jobs, corporations do. And as long as the economy is stuck in low gear, companies will not be keen on hiring. It will take some time for the quantitative easing to take effect.

Earnings for the recently ended third quarter will start to roll in soon. Forecasts have been fairly good, and we expect this trend to continue during this earnings season.

This year the market has been a roller coaster. The market was down for the first half of the year, but has since recovered. The fears of a double-dip recession seem to be receding. However, we are still not out of the woods yet.

It is time to exercise caution.

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Time to Share. Create a Buzz.

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15 most hated fees

Stand up to the pesky charges -- from checked-bag costs to retirement plan expenses -- that bug you the most.

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Here are 13 changes in the massive overhaul that could impact your tax bill, for better or worse.

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10 summer home mistakes

Ian and Barbara White-Thomson are selling their dream summer house, an oceanfront five-bedroom on Peaks Island, near Portland, Maine.

They bought it only three years ago. But it's become a 4,208-square-foot burden.

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10 ways to save money when ordering wine

These days, anyone who goes out to eat - and certainly anyone who orders wine at a restaurant - is looking for value. Here are 10 tips that will help you find value in wine at restaurants. Obviously, there are many exceptions to every one of these suggestions, but if we were going to give some overall advice geared to the moment, this would be it.

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WH Cornerstone Investments, LLC provides wealth management services to a select group of clients. Regardless of their background or future vision, all of our clients commit to a plan that targets their long-term financial growth and stability. While some of our clients concentrate on one part of their investment strategy, others opt for a more holistic approach.

WH Cornerstone clients demand customized objective, expert advice, which they know can come only from a firm that is truly independent-a firm not tied to financial institutions. As an independent Registered Investment Advisory firm, we are fee-only and therefore free from any outside institutional influence.


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