May 2007
Issue: 45

When it comes to investment recommendations, the SEC holds Registered Investment Advisors (which we at WH Cornerstone are) to a higher standard than traditional brokers. An advisor is required to act as a client's fiduciary, while a broker's advice may be viewed as merely incidental to his or her role as agent for a client. With brokerage firms increasingly pushing their brokers to grow their fee-based business in recent years, the lines separating advisors from brokers have blurred. That said, nothing has changed the fact that as part of a registered investment advisor's fiduciary duty, we must always act in their clients' best interests. We here at WH Cornerstone take our fiduciary duty very seriously. Talk to us about it.

Time to Share. Create a Buzz.

On Tuesday, June 12, 2007, a group of active women investors and business academics are gathering for a one-day conference at Babson College called Power Investing: a Women's Roundtable. You are invited into their network to learn about the power of women investors! The day is organized around portfolio management, angel investing, and hedge fund investing. 

A series of speakers and panels will demystify the buzz words associated with cutting-edge investing and provide candid insights in roundtable discussions. Learn how you can be an empowered woman investor driving personal returns and influencing economic trends. Meet successful women angels, investors, and experts who can help you put your money to work.

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Your 30s: Now's the time to get ahead

At this point of your life, you're starting to see financial gains -- or the first signs that things might not work out as planned. Here's how you compare to your peers and where to find help.

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6 (worthless) excuses for not saving money

A retirement fund is not enough; you need to save for emergencies -- and luxuries, too.

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Be a bargain-shopping champ

Here are one master shopper's secrets for snagging the best deals from grocers, drugstores and more. Plus: How she scored 40 free cans of beans.

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10 steps to a money-smart divorce

No matter how intense your emotions, it's important to remember that ending a marriage is in fact a business deal. Here are moves to make sure you don't get taken.

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How first class all the way baby!

Seven smart tricks for an instant upgrade.

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Gifts teachers really want

Looking for a special teacher gift? Take a tip from teachers themselves.

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Paula Harris and Bill Harris, CFP
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