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February 2007
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Lifecycle funds are a hot new trend. They were designed to make retirement investing easier. They succeed in doing so, but there are reasons why you might want to avoid them. The one-size-fits-all approach to retirement investing comes with problems. Bill Harris, CFP was interviewed by Wealth Manager magazine for the recent article Lifecycle funds may streamline retirement planning—or effectively destroy the client-advisor relationship. What are your thoughts? Feel free to contact us to share them.

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Cheers — Paula and Bill Harris

7 easy steps to an early tax refund
The sooner you get your money back from the IRS, the better, so start now. Get your taxes done faster and more accurately with these steps.
If you want to get your 2006 taxes in early and get your refund quickly, here are Schnepper's Seven Strategies to getting those dollars in your pockets ASAP. Here's what you have to do:

The fast track to kicking back
These serious savers have the discipline they need to retire early. Now they just need a plan.
Travis and Peggy Otto both entered the work force young. Travis has supported himself since he was in high school; Peggy, 43, has worked at University of Michigan Hospital since she was a teenager.

So the couple, who married in October 2004, figure they'll be very ready to retire when Peggy turns 60.

Credit card companies' evil tricks
Some of the worst offenses: Huge fees exceed card issuers' costs and risks. Interest rates aren't disclosed to card applicants. Rates get jacked up even if you pay just hours late.
Parents spend the first several years of children's lives teaching them how to play fair. By the time we hit elementary school, most of us are pretty good at knowing what's just and what's not.

That sense of fair versus foul, though, tends to get tangled up in the world of credit cards. Some practices that seem egregious at first glance actually make sense when you understand their rationale. Other policies don't hold up so well to scrutiny, even though they're widely accepted in the industry.

10 must-do adventures for 2007
Been there, done that, and you've got the T-shirt to prove it? Make 2007 your year to experience some new travel thrills.
Live Like a Pirate: Cruises are great fun, but sometimes you really want to feel like you're in a boat in the ocean. Atlantic Stars offers a ship to suit whatever nautical fantasy you may have, from the classic speedboat Rum Runner II, which zips around Newport, Rhode Island, to the 160-foot sailing cruise yacht Arabella, which embarks from St. Thomas or St. Martin during the winter months for six-night Caribbean voyages. Rates for this fabulous five-star sailboat cruise start at $1,295.00 for six nights in the Caribbean.

Money 101--controlling debt
Learn the difference between good and bad, and don't drag your feet when you need help.
1. Americans are loaded with credit card debt. The average American household with at least one credit card has nearly a $9,200 balance on their credit card, according to CardWeb.com, and the average interest rate runs in the mid- to high teens at any given time.

The 10 worst V-Day gifts
Since it is Valentine's Day, we couldn't resist.
We know what you’re thinking: Valentine’s Day is a commercial holiday. It’s forced. It’s too much pressure.

But choosing the right gift can be quite a challenge: Too many frazzled sweethearts reach into the Valentine’s void for gift ideas and come up with something that’s just plain wrong. To help you avoid joining their ranks, we present the ten worst presents possible—and what to give your sweetie instead.

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