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October 2006
WH Cornerstone Investments Newsletter
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An investment policy statement (IPS) provides the foundation for all future investment decisions to be made by an investor. It serves as a guidepost, identifies goals and creates a systematic review process. The IPS is intended to keep investors focused on their objectives during short-term swings in the market and provides a baseline from which to monitor investment performance of the overall portfolio, as well as the performance of individual money managers. An IPS outlines the ground rules of the relationship between the advisor and client. With the IPS, the client can expect to have information prepared that will clearly show them whether or not their investment portfolios are achieving their stated goals and objectives. In addition, proposed changes to the investment plan can be evaluated and reviewed against the strategic policy.

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The best retirement plan...is simple
It's easier than ever to get into 'sophisticated' investment vehicles. There's a better way to secure your retirement.
With the market struggling to eke out even meager gains this year, you may be tempted to look beyond traditional investments for something, anything, to fatten up your retirement account.

10 frugal cooking tips that sizzle
If you cook, you're already saving money. That $10 to $20 you'd fork over for an entree can fund several homemade meals for a single person or feed the whole family, depending on the size of everyone's appetite. Kudos to you for getting more greens for your green.

10 common car-buying mistakes
Mistakes to realize and avoid before setting foot in a dealer showroom.
Buying a new car can be exciting. But it's also a complex process through which you can end up overpaying by hundreds or thousands of dollars or with a vehicle that you won't be happy with down the road. Below are 10 mistakes that car buyers often make that can quickly turn that initial excitement into buyer remorse—and how to avoid them.

Spend your golden years at work
Not too long ago, the concepts "retirement" and "work" were basically opposites. Now they're starting to merge.
On my desk is a pile of recent surveys and studies that purport to be about retirement. Yet when I open them up and actually read them, the main issue they seem to address is working - "in retirement.

Seven reasons to love pension reform
Summer break is over, and the kids are back to school. Amazingly, while we were all out enjoying the sunshine, the government did some serious work on a bipartisan level to protect our pension plans and make it easier to save for retirement.

The buddy system
Tips for connecting with your sommelier
A good sommelier can be a diner's best buddy: A well- chosen wine, after all, can transform a great meal into an unforgettable dining experience. But there's plenty of room for misunderstandings and hurt feelings. Here, consumers and sommeliers share tips for making this potentially tricky relationship work.
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“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” — Antoine de Saint-Exupery (1900 - 1944)

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