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September 2006
WH Cornerstone Investments Newsletter
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When it comes to investment recommendations, the SEC holds Registered Investment Advisors (which we at WH Cornerstone are) to a higher standard than traditional brokers. An advisor is required to act as a client's fiduciary, while a broker's advice may be viewed as merely incidental to his or her role as agent for a client. With brokerage firms increasingly pushing their brokers to grow their fee-based business in recent years, the lines separating advisors from brokers have blurred. That said, nothing has changed the fact that as part of a registered investment advisor's fiduciary duty, we must always act in their clients' best interests. We here at WH Cornerstone take our fiduciary duty very seriously. Ask us about it.

Time to Share. Create a Buzz. WARM2Kids was founded in 2002 by former Boston Celtic M.L. Carr. Their mission is to inform, inspire and instruct teens to make positive life decisions. After retiring with the Celtics, M.L. teamed up with Bank of Boston on the “M.L. Carr Challenge – Stand Tall Against Drugs” campaign. Through his talks with students M.L. realized that teens have no one to turn to when they needed help and parents have a hard time talking to their kids about problems. Realizing this issue, M.L envisioned WARM2Kids, a company based on the belief, that despite our flaws We’re All Role Models (W.A.R.M.). M.L. decided he would use the internet to show this message to the world. WARM2Ki ds.com provides a place that’s open around the clock for teens to find solutions to their problems.

Only 10 days left! A ticket to ride...driving the Phil to new heights! Keep "excellent music close to home" by purchasing your raffle ticket to support the Plymouth Philharmonic Orchestra and its educational programs. Only 1,000 tickets sold at $100 each so your odds are 1000-to-1 with one ticket! Winner receives $25,000 in cash or $35,000 gift certificate to Colonial Ford in Plymouth. Winner announced September 30, 2006 at the Phil's opening night at Memorial Hall in Plymouth. Winner need not be present. For more info, call the Phil 508-746-8008 or purchase your ticket on line.

Cheers—Paula and Bill Harris

What works: Your worst enemy...overspending
How much you spend matters much more than how much you earn.
As a senior investment analyst at Vanguard, John Ameriks has a close-up view of how well shareholders save for retirement. And he's come to a conclusion: How much money you make matters a whole lot less than how much you spend.

Considering buyout offers
Ford says it will soon offer buyouts to 75,000 workers; what exactly should you think about if you're offered a buyout plan?
Ford Motor Company unveiled a plan that would cut a third of its employees. Ford also said it would offer buyouts for 75,000 hourly employees. Buyouts are nothing new in the auto world. Recently General Motors and Delphi offered thousands of employees buyouts just a few months ago. So, what if you're facing the decision to take a buyout or not...we'll tell you what you need to consider on top tips.

Got a minute?
In the time it takes you to drink your morning coffee, you can start a business.
There's nothing as fragile as a great idea--especially a great business idea. With that in mind, how do you develop a new business idea so that it not only gains momentum, but actually takes on a life of its own? You have to make the commitment--stick with it and follow through.

No place like home
Will baby boomers tap home equity to survive retirement? Not necessarily.
Many pre-retirees are seemingly banking on turning the equity in their homes into income. But this week's dramatic drop in home sales combined with a new report that examines older adults and their housing clearly demonstrate that Americans need another plan.

Five ways to slash car insurance costs
What would you say if I told you that in the next few minutes you could save between $500 and $1,000 on your car insurance?

Travel tips: 15 places to avoid
Travel should be about one-of-a-kind experiences, not chain stores or overpriced attractions. Here are our picks for tourist traps you're better off staying away from.
Every city seems to have a section where chain burger joints and tacky T-shirt shops rule the streets like neighborhood thugs loitering on the corner. And every town has one or two attractions that get all the hype but offer none of the payoff. After months of watching your spending and saving up your vacation time, you deserve more. Take our advice and be a better traveler: Stay away from these tourist traps that aren't worth your money—or your time.
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“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” — Antoine de Saint-Exupery (1900 - 1944)

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