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May 2006
WH Cornerstone Investments Newsletter
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Is your advisor is sitting on the same side of the table as you? With so many descriptors floating out there for financial service providers—advisor, broker, coach, consultant, planner, representative and/or vice president—one of the most important things you need to determine is that your service providers’ interests are aligned with your interests. If advice is only “incidental” to the relationship (read the fine print) then chances are your financial service providers’ interests may not be aligned with yours. Here at WH Cornerstone, we are in the advice business. Pure and simple. We take the time to really understand you and your goals. We do sit on the same side of the table with you. We’ve recently been interviewed and two great articles published about an aspect of our practice.

Paula Harris and Bill Harris CFP of WH Cornerstone Investments were featured in The Wall Street Journal on March 29, 2006 in an article entitled Advisers Put Their Clients to the Test and on April 3, 2006 in the National Post in an article entitled Profiling helps clients and advisors connect: Kolbe A index: Test identifies who will work together and who will clash. The articles talk about how the firm utilizes an assessment tool to strengthen relationships with their clients. Please drop us an email if you would like to read either of the articles and we would be happy to email them to you.

Time to Share. Create a Buzz. May is museum month in the Northeast. Show your photo id and Bank of America ATM, check or credit card or your MBNA credit card and get free admission for you and a guest at over 50 museums. Visit the Bank of America website for more information.

Cheers—Paula and Bill Harris

10 nasty money habits to kick
Stop making the same mistakes every year and wondering why you can’t save. Break the cycle and change your life.
Remember the movie "Groundhog Day," the one where Bill Murray kept reliving the same day? Some people live their financial lives like that, making the same mistakes over and over.

Will driving to a cheaper gas station save me money?
Calculate your payment and more
Choosing a less expensive gas station is a money-saver. Or is it? Now you can find out if it's worth driving to that less-expensive station.

Top 10 summer destinations
List of top summer destinations highlights the best spots to be at during the height of the season, from northern capitals to cool seaside and lakefront retreats that refresh and rejuvenate.
Warm days, long nights, garden barbecues, and ice-cream cones on the boardwalk...For many of us, summer is the best season of all, when everything moves outdoors, cities come alive with festivals, and freshwater lakes and backyard pools beckon.

Sending your kids to a money camp
Hello, Muddah. Hello, Fadduh. Here I am at Camp High Finance. Camp is very entertaining. And they say we'll have some fun when the stock market goes up.
To learn about money isn't one of the traditional reasons most people send their kids to camp, but these days it could be one of the best.Having "the talk" about money is harder for many parents than having the talk about you-know-what. Who wants to sound like Scrooge? And besides, most of us are pretty self-conscious about the subject and get tongue-tied when the conversation turns to what we earn and what we owe.

You can take it with you
What to declare at the airport, and what to leave abroad
At a baggage carousel in Philadelphia International Airport, an American returning from Spain waits for his luggage. A perky little beagle named Liberty sniffs at a carry-on bag at the passenger’s feet and gives her handler, customs officer Nancy Lazzari, a familiar stare that says, “Yep, he’s got food in there.”

7 most common 401(k) blunders
Not contributing at all is probably the biggest mistake people make, but there are others that can cost you in more ways than you know.
The nation’s 401(k) investors held up pretty well during the recent bear market. Most continued to contribute, and few made big changes in their asset allocations. But millions of workers are still blowing it every day when dealing with their retirement plans. Here are the seven biggest blunders you can make.
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“Time is the coin of your life. It is the only coin you have, and only you can determine how it will be spent. Be careful lest you let other people spend it for you.” —Carl Sandburg

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