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March 2006
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Happy St. Patrick's Day! There is only about a month left to make your 2005 IRA, SEP or Roth IRA contribution. For your reading enjoyment this month we have articles to help you have spotless credit, understand the estate-tax laws, ways to make you a better investor and stretch your dollar a little further. Lastly, after you've filed your taxes, you will definitely be ready for an affordable beach vacation. Enjoy!

Time to Share. Create a Buzz. Last week the Center for Women’s Leadership at Babson College celebrated International Women's Day by holding a conference to share the results of a recent study on Women and Entrepreneurship by the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM). Women Entrepreneurs Seek New Opportunities; Are Confident In Business Skills; Use Work Experience As Springboard; Yet, Gender Gap Persists. If you would like to learn more about this study you can visit the website and download the report by clicking here.

And on another note...ever thought about making your own cheese? Well, here is your opportunity to learn! Paula Harris will be teaching a class in homemade mozzarella on Thursday, March 16 at 7:00 p.m. through the Duxbury Before & After Dark program. There are just a few seats left so call 781.934.7633 to reserve your spot!

Cheers—Paula Harris

Schedule D: Reporting Capital Gains and Losses
Tax Tip
You survived a turbulent stock market, making a little profit on a couple of stocks and dumping some dogs just in time. Well, the ride isn't over yet. Buckle up and get ready to report your transactions to the Internal Revenue Service.

Outsmart Your Brain
These five take-home lessons of the new science of neuroeconomics can make you a better investor
Whether your investments beat the market is largely outside your control. But some things are entirely in your hands: cutting your tax and brokerage bills by trading less often, and keeping your expenses down by relying on index funds or lower-cost managed funds.

13 Ways to Live Well On Less
Every dollar you spend has consequences elsewhere in your life. Remembering that will change the ways you spend and save.
Can you remember life before $100 sneakers and $5 coffee, when people actually lived on what they earned and still had a little something socked away for a rainy day?

Could You Please Die Sometime in 2010?
And other frequently asked questions under today's crazy estate-tax law
Death and taxes are supposed to be life's only certainties, but the so-called death tax is about as certain as next year's weather. "The 2001 Tax Reform Act took a complex system and made it unpredictable as well," says Helen Modly, a financial planner with Focus Wealth Management in Middleburg, Va. "There are still great opportunities to pass on wealth without taxation, but it can take some serious juggling."

50 Affordable Beach Resorts
From Hawaii to Zanzibar, we've searched the globe for stylish getaways just steps from the sand. The best part: almost all are under $200 a night.
It can be as smooth as glass, or as wild as a white-capped Alpine range. Yet even at its most powerful, the ocean is soothing. On the sand, the stress of modern existence drifts away. You return to your senses--feeling the warmth of sun on bare skin, savoring the salty air, listening to your internal engine slow down to match the rhythm of the surf. You regain enough perspective about life to ask the truly important questions of the day: Snorkel, swim, or ride on that silly banana boat? Isn't it time for a nap?

Four Steps to Spotless Credit
Everything you need to know to polish your image with lenders, score better rates and guard against identity theft.
Four Steps to Spotless CreditImagine being rejected for a credit card because you once forgot to return a library book. Or not landing a job because you were late paying bills while you were unemployed. Or finding you can't refinance your mortgage at a low rate because a thief (or your cousin) opened accounts in your name. All of these scenarios are outrageous, but none, unfortunately, are far-fetched.
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"Great estates may venture more; little boats must keep near shore." — Benjamin Franklin

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