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February 2006
WH Cornerstone Investments Newsletter
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We are excited! On February 21st, we here at WH Cornerstone enter into our 10th year of business. We are thankful for all of our clients, colleagues, strategic partners and friends for being with us as we reach this tremendous milestone. We look forward to serving you for the many years to come.

Time to Share. Create a Buzz. We will be teaching two financial classes this spring through Duxbury Before & After Dark's adult education program. Wednesday, March 15 will be Charitable Giving Strategies. Do you desire to make a profound difference? Learn how through donor-advised funds. A donor-advised fund is a way for you to make contributions to all your favorite charities by centralizing your charitable dollars in one convenient location. Donor-advised funds provide all the advantages of a private foundation without the tax burdens or administrative and reporting responsibilities. This course will get you started on the path of leaving your legacy.

Women, Beat the Investment Pros! The Dow Dividend Discount strategy continues to turn the investment world upside down. Whether you have $5,000 or $5,000,000 to invest—you could beat the pros! Learn how you can implement this simple strategy of investing into the high-yield, low priced stocks of the Dow Jones Industrial Average. This straightforward strategy will only take you a few hours a year. This class is designed for women looking to take control of their investments. This course will be taught on Wednesday, April 5 (not March 22).

Cheers—Paula Harris

50 Ways to Trim Your Budget
You don't have to give up the things you love to save money. You just have to be willing to look hard. Start with your fixed expenses, then review your discretionary costs.
Lou knows his family is in a vicious cycle with credit cards. He's just not sure how to get out. Bills and credit-card payments eat up most of the Mansfield, Ohio, family's income, leaving them little left over to pay for groceries and other basics. So they wind up charging more.

Time to Address Your Bottom Line
10 Must-Do Financial Resolutions for Everyone
Every year, people make the same resolutions: Go to the gym more often. Cut out chocolate. Lose 10 pounds. Stop smoking. Yet despite the best intentions, by February, most have slipped up and by March, they've completely fallen off the wagon.

21 Ways to Vacation Like a Millionaire
The secrets for a great stay in an expensive locale? Never pay rack rate. Here's how you can do it, plus tips for saving on fine dining, wines and other pleasures.
Why pay full-price for a weekend jaunt to the Caribbean or be subject to retail pricing on a case of exquisite French Bordeaux? Surely, you can do better.

Why Women Face a Retirement Crisis
Women are living longer than ever and spending more years in retirement
We're living longer. Isn't that great? Then why are retirement experts so worried? Perhaps because longer lives translate into longer retirements, and we're not doing a great job of saving enough money to last those extended lifetimes.

Section 1031 and Estate Planning
by Compass Exchange Advisors
Most tax advisors are aware of Section 1031 and the opportunity it affords to defer otherwise taxable gain on the sale of business or investment assets. Section 1031 remains an under-utilized strategy in the estate planners' toolkit. Reasons to do a Section 1031 exchange are to:

  1. Diversify asset holdings;
  2. Exit active management; and
  3. Convert a non-income producing parcel of real estate into an income producing parcel

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Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted. — Albert Einstein

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