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January 2006
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Happy New Year! We hope that this newsletter gives you some new information that keeps you renewed on your commitment of getting your financial house in order in 2006! If we can be of assistance to you in any of your New Year's intentions, contact us today.

Time to Share. Create a Buzz. The ATHENA PowerLink Program is a successful entrepreneurial program that helps women-owned businesses expand profitability through the use of a professional advisory panel. The business is carefully selected and paired with an advisory panel that is tailored to fit the company’s needs. If you are a Woman Owned Business, or know of one, who may be interested in the program please request an application. This program is sponsored by the Women’s Business Connection in conjunction with the South Shore Chamber of Commerce. For more information or how you can get involved with the program the Chamber office at 617-479-1111.

Cheers—Paula Harris

How Average Joes can retire rich
Great fund picking? Brilliant market timing? Nah, the secret to a cushy retirement is simpler.
Listen to advisers and the financial press blather on about the importance of picking top investments, and you'd expect a grim retirement unless you're a mutual-fund-picking wizard.

Tune out that static. You needn't be an investing genius to retire with a big 401(k) balance.

Do You Suffer Bag-Lady Syndrome?
Many women harbor a fear that their financial security could disappear in a heartbeat. It might not be entirely irrational, but it can be conquered.
You would never confuse Emily Scott Pottruck with a bag lady. On the surface, she has it all: independent wealth, a mansion in San Francisco's Presidio Heights, fancy cars, an M.B.A. from Cornell, years of experience on Wall Street and a successful husband, David, the former CEO of San Francisco's Charles Schwab Corp.

A Fine Glass of Hooey
Is an expensive bottle of wine really the better? Our answer just might save you a lot moola.
Red or white? It's the first question you ask when choosing a wine, right? Silly you. What you should be looking at, see, is whether it's a grand cru or a reserve. And do you adhere to the Parker scale? (You really should, you know.) And last, you philistine, do you want something lithe and supple, or firm-structured with good harmony?

Shave $150 a week off your grocery bill
Attention shoppers: You're paying too much for food.
My daughter Julia and her friend Chelsea were eating pancakes at the kitchen counter one recent morning when the doorbell rang. It was the man from Peapod, an online grocery store, with my food for the week. "That's a lot of groceries," Chelsea said. "My mom shops for dinner every night."

THE PLAYING FIELD: Building a Niche
Here’s how a husband-and-wife team are finding success focusing on women clients
We here at WH Cornerstone were fortunate to be interviewed for a national industry publication Investment Advisor. The article was published this month and focuses on the importance of niche marketing. We specialize in working with women executives who are considering making a change. The article also outlines how we work with our clients.

You hear it often: one of the best ways for independent advisors to maintain their competitive edge is to serve a niche clientele. William and Paula Harris can attest that this axiom is dead on. Here’s their story of how serving a niche of affluent women is really paying off.

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Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted. — Albert Einstein

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