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The E-Newsletter of Compassion Over Killing August 14, 2012

Support Truth in Advertising & Your Donation Will Be Matched!

COK's award-winning Pro-Vegetarian Commercial Campaign is ready to re-launch this fall. With your help, we'll be blanketing the national airwaves on MTV, Comedy Central, and Animal Planet - plus, our eye-opening ad will be serving a "Side of Truth" to millions of viewers on the popular online video-streaming site,

At an average cost of less than two pennies per view, this strategic campaign is one of the most cost-effective means to spread the animals' message. And during August, your donation dollars will go twice as far, thanks to one of our generous supporters who's offering a $75,000 matching grant.

That's right: donate now to support our powerful advertising campaign and your gift will be matched, dollar for dollar, up to $75,000, helping us raise a total of $150,000 to shine a spotlight on the hidden horrors of factory farming and empower others to stand up for animals by leaving them off their plates.

Donate Today to Help Us Serve a Side of Truth

Thank you! With your support today, together we're building a kinder tomorrow.

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