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The E-Newsletter of Compassion Over Killing March 29, 2012

Iowa Ag-Gag Irony: Farm Bureau Staff Caught on Camera

An Iowa Farm Bureau employee was recently caught on camera doing, well, something he might not have done had he known a camera was present: urinating on female coworkers' chairs. The camera was set up in the Iowa Farm Bureau's office - the same Iowa Farm Bureau that stridently pushed for the passage of Iowa's ag-gag law aimed at stopping whistleblowing activities that might publicly expose, well, bad behavior. Ironic? We think so.

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Pork Council Shuts out COK from "Animal Welfare Briefing" on Capitol Hill

Last week, the National Pork Producer's Council (NPPC) hosted an "educational" briefing on Capitol Hill in DC titled "Farm Animal Welfare: How We Really Treat Our Animals." Only thing is, the NPPC's presentation, just like factory farms, was hidden behind closed doors. COK tried to attend, but we weren't allowed in. What is the NPPC telling our federal lawmakers that it doesn't want the public to know?

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COK Speaking at the TX VegFest & Co-Hosting a Pre-Party Benefit

While Austin may be known as Longhorn country, it's also home to dozens of eateries dishing out delicious veg-friendly foods, as evidenced by our new 2012 Vegetarian Guide to Austin. And Austin is also home to the first-ever Texas VegFest taking place this Saturday. You’ll find lots of food, fun games for kids, and speakers including COK's Erica Meier. COK is also teaming up with ATX Vegan Drinks to host a pre-party benefit event on Friday night. Join us!

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COK Serves Up Six-Foot Vegan Subs for Meatout in DC and LA

March 20 marked the first day of spring - and the Great American Meatout, so COK sprang into action by hosting feed-ins during the busy lunchtime rush hour in DC and Los Angeles dishing out samples of 6-foot Subway sandwiches loaded with protein-packed Tofurky deli slices. We also encouraged people to visit to ask the company to add veggie meats to its menu.

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Fri., Mar. 30: ATX Vegan Drinks Texas VegFest Kick-off Party in Austin, TX

Sat., Mar. 31: Tabling with Compassion Over Killing at Texas VegFest in Austin, TX

Sun., Apr. 1: Lunchtime Subway Feed-in in Baltimore, MD

Thurs., Apr. 5: COK Benefit Day at Vegetable Garden in Rockville, MD

Sat., Apr. 7: Leafleting at the Blessing of the Animals Festival in Los Angeles, CA

Sat., Apr. 7: Leafleting at Cherry Blossom Waterfront Festival & Fireworks in Washington, DC

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