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March 20, 2012

Why Does the Meat Industry Have a "Beef" with the Federal Hen Protection Bill?

Earlier this year, Rep. Kurt Schraeder introduced the Egg Products Inspection Act Amendments (HR 3798) that outlines a national ban on the use of barren battery cages for laying hens that also includes several other important advancements for hens. But if this federal legislation is all about birds, why is the National Cattlemen's Beef Association up in arms about it? Check out COK's take.

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A New Egg-Free Egg is Hatched: The Vegg

The Vegg is a brand new incredible egg-free product now on the market, making vegan eating even easier and tastier than ever. It's an all-natural, all-vegan egg yolk replacer that looks, smells, and even tastes like eggs – but without all the cruelty – and can be used in a wide range of recipes. Plus, when you buy The Vegg, 10% of all sales are donated to COK!

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How the Meat Industry Defends its Cruelty: The "Incest Explanation"

Ever wonder why the pork and beef industries routinely cut animals' testicles out without painkillers? One industry journal, The Western Producer, is recommending that factory farmers tell you: "It is better when defending castration to urban residents to tell them that a calf will breed with its own mother and sisters if it isn't castrated. Daley said they can accept the incest explanation better than being told it makes the meat better and reduces behaviourial problems in the herd."

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