A Newsletter from Baby's Space   September, 2012  Volume 3, Issue 9

Baby's Space is a holistic, research-based approach to infant through 3rd grade education, adolescent mental health services and support for children and families residing in poverty and violence.

Dear Baby's Space Friends,


September signals the beginning of school, but at Baby's Space we think about getting babies ready for school all year.


Research indicates that school readiness requires a holistic approach directed by the pivotal question: What will allow babies to become successful learners? At Baby's Space, we believe that by understanding the real-life situations of babies and their families in the context of their communities and cultures, we can improve the academic and social competence of young children. Only then can we ensure that children enter kindergarten with confidence, fully capable of building and sustaining relationships with teachers and handling the everyday challenges on the playground.


Meeting the social, emotional, and development needs of infants and toddlers is at the core of the Baby's Space Program. Plus, our program values and supports the central role of the family in ensuring the baby's emotional health and readiness for school.


Thanks to the ongoing work of our teachers and your support, we're preparing our students for kindergarten every day of the year.



terrie rose signature

Terrie Rose
Founder and Executive Director

Read about our September 10-17 Diaper Drive >>>
Diaper Drive September 10-17 
Support Baby's Space and our ongoing need for diapers by donating diapers during Diaper Need Week September 10-17.
DiaperDriveBaby 2012
Donate diapers September 10-17


Diaper Need Week is the work of the National Diaper Bank Network, which was founded by Kristen Grode, a mother of two from Blaine. Nearly 5.7 million infants and toddlers live in families that struggle to keep them in clean diapers.


How can you help? Contact a Diaper Drive host to drop off a package of diapers.


Lynn Barnhart

Location: South Minneapolis


Lana Slavitt

Location: Edina


Angie Wagner

Location: South Minneapolis


Baby's Space

Drop off at 2438 18th Avenue South Minneapolis, MN 55404

No time to pick up and drop off diapers? A cash donation will support Baby's Space and our ongoing support of babies. Click below on the >donate icon and be directed to, a secure way to donate and 100% of your gift goes to Baby's Space. If you prefer, download our Baby's Space Donation Form for credit card and check donations that may be sent directly to us.Thank you! 
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November 15, 2012. Mark your calendar for Give to the Max Day. Watch the Baby's Space newsletter for information about how you can support Baby's Space.


September, 2012. Dr Terrie Rose is the author of the article, "School Readiness Is About More than Knowing the A-B-Cs and 1-2-3s" in the prestigious professional journal, Zero to Three.

Baby's Space Carnival

More than 200 children and neighbors

JeffA Carnival 2012
Board member Jeff Arnesen and his son volunteer.

attended the back to school carnival August 22. Guests enjoyed a bounce house, shoot for the stars, face painting, bean bag toss, hook a book, bottle toss and a Tatanka Academy booth. Thanks to our Baby's Space and Tatanka Academy staff for volunteering as well as the following: 

Chris and Tim Bray

Bonnie Bray

Robbie Bray

Kathy and Karissa Ficken

Jeff and Donna Arnesen and family

Louann Waddick

Jeff Born

Mark Lacek

Robyn Salter

Andrea Mueller

ChrisBray Carnival 2012
Board chair Chris Bray brought her family to volunteer at the carnival.
Handbags Benefit Baby's Space

Hidden Baby handbags are unique works of

HIddenBaby 2012
Sales of Hidden Baby handbags benefit Baby's Space.

art that are stylish and a portion of sales are given to Baby's Space.


Created by Kelsey and Courtney Montague, Hidden Baby handbags feature the artwork of Kelsey and each contains a hidden image of a baby.


The company started after the sisters were in Kenya documenting orphaned and abandoned babies. Upon returning to the United States, they realized that the issue of abused and neglected children occurs here. Hidden Baby was founded to benefit organizations that support babies in need.


Interested in purchasing a Hidden Baby handbag? A portion of the sale benefits Baby's Space. For more information and to buy a bag, visit the Hidden Baby website.


HEROES: Lana Slavitt

Lana Slavitt is a long-time volunteer, board member and supporter of Baby's Space. Since 2005, Lana has worked with students and staff at events like Family Night. She was the chairperson of the board of directors for five years and recently assumed the duties of development committee chair.


LanaSlavitt 2012
Lana Slavitt

"I'm involved with Baby's Space because it makes such a difference in the lives of the child and families," said Lana. "There's no place like Baby's. Space. Terrie really means what she says about putting the baby first."


Lana often brings her two sons with her to events. Lana's sons have volunteered at the carnival and Lana said they love interacting with the babies and toddlers.


A highlight for Lana was having her oldest son offer to donate half of the money he received for his Bar Mitzvah to Baby's Space. "It was his idea," said Lana. "My husband and I were incredibly proud of his choice." The contribution is meaningful for both parties. Tatanka Academy will use the generous gift to purchase 25 laptop computers from Computers for Schools, an organization that refurbishes donated computers for use by students.


Our thanks for Lana - and her family - for a long-term commitment to Baby's Space!

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Click below on the >donate icon and be directed to, a secure way to donate and 100% of your gift goes to Baby's Space.If you prefer, download our Baby's Space Donation Form for credit card and check donations that may be sent directly to us. Thank you!