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On the Dance Floor...
Belly Dancing this Saturday

Are you trying to lose a few pounds?  

Weigh Wise can help. Every month, you get a new focus using the latest science on how to manage weight, which in turn prevents other health problems. 

It is written by expert Michelle Barth, RD, CDE, Certified Health & Wellness Coach, and DOD Board of Director.

If you come to this Saturday's dance, you'll get Volume 8 before everyone else. 

Belly Dancing & Design Contest
Keeping up with Dance Out Diabetes

Enter the Dance Out Diabetes Expressive Diabetes Art Contest 2012!


To kick off the annual Dance Out Diabetes dance-a-thon, all participants and volunteers are invited to join in a design contest.


The winning design will be placed on a fitness bag to be given out during the 11/10/12 dance-a-thon held from 1-5 pm at the African American Art & Culture Complex 762 Fulton St, SF 94102.


The winner will receive $100, (10) fitness bags to give out to family and friends, and acknowledgment on all media used in conjunction with the design. We opted for a fitness bag as it will have so many more uses than a t-shirt.


Deadline: Designs must be received by 5 PM Pacific Standard Time Oct. 10, 2012.


Information on how to enter.

Belly Dancing this Saturday, 
8/11, 1-3 pm!
(Download flyer and share with others HERE.)


Kae Montgomery came to FatChanceBellyDance® from her homeland, Japan, in the spring of 2007. She became a regular at FatChance classes, and in less than two years she was invited to join the professional troupe. Since she began performing and teaching in 2009 she has enjoyed being part of the beautiful belly dancing community. Kae can't wait to share a fun, energetic, and enriching class for all ages and abilities! 


If you want to get shakin' with some moves virtually, check out our Belly Dancing Playlist, compliments of DJ Charis. 


Email Theresa at tgarnero@danceoutdiabetes.org or call 1-877-765-4386 to say you plan to attend. This secures your spot and helps us have enough staff & supplies.   
Please arrive promptly at 1 p.m. for check-in (or 1:15 if you are not doing the health screening). Bring water, a snack if you need it, and comfortable shoes. 
You have access to certified diabetes educators who will answer your questions and provide a free health screening ($100 value) including an A1C test (3 month glucose average), glucose, blood pressure, waist measurements - all tracked over time so you can see your progress. If you want to come to dance only and pass on the health screening, that's fine. Our friendly environment welcomes all.
Diabetes Distress Screening Results from 7/14/12 Dance


Part of our mission is to provide ongoing support. Katie Savin, Medical Social Worker and Dance Out Diabetes volunteer did just that by providing an opportunity for participants to Dance Out Distress!

Katie Savin, MSW and Kathy Solis, RD, CDE at the Dance Out Distress screening table


Nearly half of the Hot Hula attendees participated in a diabetes-related distress screening. Of those, half of the people screened scored higher than average in the severity of their diabetes-related distress. All participants received a pamphlet on ways to reduce and prevent this distress. People who scored higher also received referrals to local diabetes support groups and one received a referral to individual counseling with a follow-up plan in place.


For any questions about your results, come talk to Katie this Saturday!
 Check Out These Free Resources for Ongoing Support & Access to Care:  


P.S. Next month is Bollywood. 
Also, the JDRF annual type 1 diabetes Giants event and Walk Kickoff is happening this Friday, 8/10 at the AT&T Stadium parking lot A across from Pier 49 at 5 p.m.  Dance Out Diabetes was given an opportunity to share our resources. They have a sold out crowd of 500 so this should be a fun. Hope to see some of you there!
Yours,                                                TG headshot


Theresa Garnero, APRN, BC-ADM, MSN, CDE

Dance Out Diabetes Founder and Executive Director
Want to increase your JOY, invest in your body or support someone with prediabetes or diabetes (type 1 and 2, and gestational)? Then come join the free movement with Dance Out Diabetes. Stay connected with us on Facebook (and no, you don't have to have a Facebook account to read our updates).