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June 2011
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Can you leave your piercings in while pregnant?

As the growing belly expands, some pregnant moms face the decision to keep their belly piercing or to take it out.

During pregnancy, the abdomen will expand until eventually the belly button protrudes. It can become difficult and uncomfortable to leave jewelry in place.

Know your options

If you'd like to leave your piercing in, you could use something like Pregnancy Piercings, belly button rings flexible enough to hold your piercing throughout each stage of pregnancy.

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Pregnancy Piercings


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Pregnancy Piercings "How To" Video and review by Mom4Life
I just have to tell how wonderful your pregnancy piercings are. I have three piercings in my belly button and I love them and I did not want to have to give them up when I became pregnant. I used your fabulous product and had absolutely no problems and no tearing or stretching around the piercings. I'm now pregnant with number two on the way and will definitely be ordering more! Thank you thank you thank you!!!! - Chrissy (Calgary, AB, Canada)

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