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March 2012
Journeys of Exploration & Discovery


Black HillsThe Black Hills are once again on the receiving end of some impressive kudos from the travel industry.  Mount Rushmore ranked 5th in the top 15 man-made attractions in the annual Byways Magazine survey of travel professionals.  The Black Hills came in number 4 in the Top 5 natural attractions, and South Dakota ranked 14th in the top 30 state destinations. Shebby Lee Tours began here, and it is still our homebase, so we are proud to know that the experts recognize what we've always known! 

June 15-22, 2012

 Old West Trail

Join fellow history buffs and visit historic sites significant in the settling of the West. Walk in the steps of Oregon Trail pioneers, see where Custer's troops rode cluelessly into the largest Plains Indian gathering in history, visit iconic national monuments like Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse Memorial, plus much more!
Shebby Lee Elected to TAP Board of Directors


pink church hat
I acquired a new hat this month - a metaphorical hat, as in too many hats, not enough heads!  I have been elected to the Travel Alliance Partners (TAP) Board of Directors.  I was a founder of TAP over ten years ago and have been a proud co-owner ever since. 
How does this affect you?  It is because of this partnership of niche travel specialists that we are able to offer you such an array of exciting travel destinations throughout the world.  So if you haven't checked out the over 500 scheduled and guaranteed departures available, please do.  And I'll keep working to bring you the very best travel choices.  (I also promise never to wear this hat in public!)
What If?

What if 

The occasional history tidbits we have included in our newsletter have been so well-received that we have decided  to make it regular feature.  Buffalo Bill Cody left his mark on many places in the West. Best-known for glorifying an Old West already fading during his lifetime, he also made some history of his own. Here's a little-known story about his friendship with Sitting Bull how he could have changed history, if only..
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Happy Trails! 
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