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July 2011 Newsletter
Journeys of Exploration & Discovery


As our phone message says at this time of year, "It's our busy season!"  Just returned from a successful Black Hills & Yellowstone tour for one of my TAP Partners, am preparing for our fall tours (including a sold out Buffalo Roundup), plus finalizing the 2012 schedule.  We are receiving requests for tours we haven't run in awhile and are considering each and every one of them.  As a small company, we can't run them all, but we DO listen to our customers.  Keep those e-mails coming;  we'd love to include your favorite on next year's roster!

Territorial KansasBleeding Kansas: 
Where the Civil War Began

October 15-22, 2012 


As our nation commemorates the 150th anniversary of the Civil War, Shebby Lee Tours is doing our bit to shed some light on what that conflict was all about. Meet historians and re-enactors who bring the era to life and deepen your understanding of American History as no textbook can.  Led by award-winning historian, Shebby Lee.

Top 12 Distinctive Destination for 2011Sheridan


The cool thing about the National Trust for Historic Preservations' top 12 list is that anybody can vote and the nominated towns are not always the "usual suspects".  The voting is done for this year, and two western towns included in our tours made the cut:  Colorado Springs and Sheridan, WY.  Visit Sheridan on our Old West Trail program, June 16-22, 2012.


SpecTAPular Event Coming in October, 2012SpecTAPular


TAP has done it again!  Our newest program is called SpecTAPular Events, and the first offering will be King Neptune's USO Show.  This exclusive TAP event includes an oceanfront Virginia Beach hotel, three live musical tribute shows ("New Jersey Nights", "The Sinatra Legacy" with the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra, and "USO Show with Bob Hope, the Andrews Sisters, and the Glenn Miller AAF Band).  Watch for more details, pricing and exact dates coming soon!


Best of the Road


Our own home town has been chosen as the Most Patriotic City during the inaugural Best of the Road Rally, hosted by Rand McNally and USA Today - and we couldn't be prouder! 


Contributing to the decision were the proximity to Mount Rushmore, Ellsworth Air Force Base, Veterans Support units, and Crazy Horse.  The City of Presidents, which displays a lifesize statue of every US President on its downtown street corners, was also described as a place where culture and patriotism are mixed together to form something different and dynamic.


See Rapid City for yourself on the Old West Trail (June 16-22, 2012) and Custer State Park Buffalo Roundup (Sept. 22-27, 2012).

Feel free to contact us with any questions at 800-888-8306.


We look forward to seeing you on the trail soon.


Happy Trails! 
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