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June 2011 Newsletter
Journeys of Exploration & Discovery


The cliche about "never a dull moment" was never so appaFlood Signrent in our office as the past ten days or so.  We've spent entire seasons dealing with fires in Yellowstone, we survived 9/11 and the recent economic woes, but this year's Missouri River floods have become a new milestone in our 34 year history.


The Lewis & Clark Trail is not the only departure affected by the enormous rains and mountain snowmelt in the West - we have also encountered challenges at the Little Big Horn Battlefield in Montana and Casper, WY - but this is the only program with so many locations and events wiped out that we couldn't proceed and still provide the tour program which we had prepared.  Read on.
Floods Wash Out  Lewis & Clark Trail Departure


Explorers Lewis & Clark

This space was supposed to be dedicated to news of final preparations for the Lewis & Clark Trail expedition coming up in August.  Unfortunately,  Mother Nature had other plans.  


The Lewis & Clark Trail expedition was a river journey, and our program therefore focuses on the Missouri, Snake and Columbia Rivers on our journey to the Pacific. Twelve of the 14 hotels on the itinerary are waterside properties. Nearly all of the activities, programs and even meals are also riverside locations.  While the current and projected flooding affects "only" the Missouri River portion, that is still 2,341 miles of our journey!


In the travel business we are used to making adjustments for all kinds of unexpected "bumps" in the road.  But with the extraordinarily high releases of water from the six dams on the Missouri River scheduled to continue at least until mid-July, we had no choice but to cancel the departure.


We have re-scheduled the tour for Aug. 3-18, 2012 and 2011 participants are being given priority booking. If you are interested in joining us next year please let us know.  Surely it will be dried out by then!

September 7-11, 2011


"Osiyo" means "It's good to see you" in Cherokee.  Join us in Tulsa on September 7 where we'll meet you with this traditional greeting on our newest Vanishing Trails Expedition.


Visit the boyhood home of Will Rogers, the tribe's most famous member, as well as his Memorial Museum in Claremore.  Learn of the tribe's pre-Oklahoma history, the invention of the first written Native American language, the infamous Trail of Tears, their role in the Civil War and much more!  Learn to play traditional games, create crafts, and use tools and weapons.  This is your opportunity to truly learn about this proud culture which contributed so much to America's heritage.


Join us in Tulsa in September!


John Brown Bleeding Kansas
October 15-22, 2011 

Enjoy six nights in an all-suites hotel property including daily hot breakfast and evening hospitality reception.


Explore the issues that threatened the delicate balance of America's "peculiar institution", when free-soilers fought to enter the union as a free state and pro-slavers sought to extend slavery into the territories. Historians and re-enactors lend insights to the sights on the border between Kansas and Missouri where the Missouri Compromise came unraveled, and the seeds of civil war took root.


Tour begins and ends in Kansas City, Missouri.
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Travel Alliance Partners


You've heard me talk about TAP (Travel Alliance Partners) before.  Shebby Lee Tours has been a proud partner since it's beginning more than ten years ago, and we now number 38 of North America's Premier Tour Operators.


Each partner strives to be experts in our respective locations and specialty fields in travel.  These programs are planned to exceed your expectations and represent a wide range of destinations and interests.


What this means to you is that when you book a TAP Guaranteed or regularly scheduled departure you can be confident that you are travelling with the very best tour professional.  Best of all, I know and work with all of these tour operators and can personally vouch for them.


"Our first step in starting tour planning from now on will be to look through the TAP catalog and website. 

Thank you for a wonderful time".

Roy & Kathy Taylor

Newtown Square, PA


Check out the more than 300 Guaranteed Departures plus hundreds more scheduled departures offered by Travel Alliance Partners. 

Carol Torricelli
Carol Torricelli
This link has been floating around the internet for a couple of years now, but I still get a kick out of it.  After all, how many people can say that they not only had a song written about them, but it's actually on YouTube!  (OK in a previous life my previous husband wrote a song about me, but - as I said - that was previously!)

My thanks to Carol Torricelli of Virginia Tourism for commemorating her Black Hills tour so eloquently!

Feel free to contact us with any questions at 800-888-8306.


We look forward to seeing you on the trail this season.


Happy Trails! 
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