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Join us on the trail in 2011!


We're excited to introduce two new programs this year in addition to three old favorites.  Check out these great learning adventures and make plans today to join us on the trail in 2011!
Old West Trail Offers Unique Adventure
June 18-24, 2011


Wyoming CowboyExplore the West where legends live on this 7-day journey to the past. Visit the site of "Custer's Last Stand", stroll the same storied streets of Deadwood Gulch once inhabited by Calamity Jane, Wild Bill Hickock and Poker Alice, view awe-inspiring mountain carvings, and walk in actual Oregon Trail wagon ruts which have survived more than a century of sun, wind and weather. Begins and ends in Denver.

Lewis & Clark Trail Returns to Schedule
Aug. 5-20, 2011

 Explorers Lewis & Clark

Since 2001 people like yourself with a desire to explore other cultures and gain historical perspective have been following in the wake of the Corps of Discovery with Shebby Lee Tours. This timeless American program brings to life the hardships, triumphs, and many discoveries made by the Corps of Discovery along their historic and epic westward journey.

Beginning in St. Louis, the route mirrors the westward journey of the Corps of Discovery, ending in Portland, Oregon.

Don't forget that this program includes special activities not available to the general public.
Cherokee Nation Culture Tour                 NEW!
September 7-22, 2011 

Cherokee leader SequoyahNortheastern Oklahoma is today the home of a thriving Native American community. But to reach this point they were obliged to endure one of the saddest episodes in American history, the Trail of Tears, their unwilling removal from North Carolina to Indian Territory. 


Explore their tribal history, their role in the Civil War, and meet luminaries of the tribe such as Sequoyah, who invented a unique syllabary for their own language and Will Rogers, one of the most popular American entertainers of all time, who never met a man he didn't like! Begins and ends in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Custer State Park Buffalo Roundup
September 24-29, 2011
Park rangers round up the buffalo
Photo courtesy SD Tourism


Ever since park rangers started rounding up some 1,500 head of buffalo each fall for the annual branding, sorting and vaccinating, visitors have been fascinated by this Old West tradition. You'll enjoy a prime viewing location as these pre-historic beasts rumble by, and priority admission to the corral and vendors area.


In addition to the Roundup, this six day hub-and-spoke itinerary offers customary Indian Summer weather, beautiful Black Hills scenery and popular attractions including Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse, Badlands National Park, Wall Drug, the 1880 train, Tatanka, and historic Deadwood.

Bleeding Kansas:  Where the Civil War Began NEW!
October 15-22, 2011


Territorial KansasThis unique learning adventure explores the issues that threatened the delicate balance of America's "peculiar institution", when free-soilers fought to enter the union as a free state and pro-slavers sought to extend slavery into the territories.

Historians and re-enactors lend insights to the sights on the border between Kansas and Missouri where the Missouri Compromise came unraveled, and the seeds of civil war took root.

Enjoy six nights in an all-suites hotel property including daily hot breakfast and evening hospitality reception. Tour begins and ends in Kansas City, Missouri.

Feel free to contact us with any questions at 800-888-8306.


We look forward to seeing you on the trail this season.


Happy Trails!


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