Save Popponesset Bay -
The Summer Party (SPB's 25th year), and a few notes
August 2012 
The 2012 SPB Summer Kickoff Party 

On Friday night, June 29, friends and neighbors from Popponesset Island, Bright Coves and the area, all supporters of Save Popponesset Bay, gathered at New Seabury Country Club to kick off the summer and celebrate SPB's 25 years of existence.


view from Popponesset Creek   

After drinks and dinner, we had a little cake to celebrate the 25 years since SPB was founded.


view from Popponesset Creek


If you contributed and were unable to attend, we want you to know how much we appreciate your financial support so we can continue to do what we do to preserve the Popponesset Bay and Popponesset Spit. 


view from Popponesset Creek    

The X-Isles played pop, reggae and island music to cap off the night, a great way to kick off the summer.  Many thanks to Lily Smith for all the photos!


A new article on the SPB website - History of the Popponesset Spit
We have posted a new article printed in 2010 in the Mashpee Enterprise about the history of the Spit in the Mashpee Enterprise.  It is a nice complement to Rosemary Burns' work entitled "History of New Seabury by the Sea", also on the same web page.   
A few notes 

Please let us know if there are issues in the Bay or on the Spit we might help resolve.  We were recently notified of a rusty wire cable sticking out of the sand.  We contacted Little River Boat Yard to come by and they removed it at no charge - thanks! Also, we returned a fallen sign to the Mashpee Harbormaster - our current signage made that one redundant.


With the approval of the Mashpee Conservation Commission, we installed a couple of new signs at Overwash Area #4 to discourage people from setting up atop the dunes and reducing their height. We want the dunes strong to withstand the next storm. 


We alerted the Waterways Commission to some shallow spots inside the Bay, although it will be tough to address those before we dredge again next winter.


Did you know?  Last fall, the new Harbormaster, Steven Mone, had his team remove over 12,000 pounds of debris from the Popponesset Bay and Ockway Bay?   Old pilings, docks that had sunk, and remains of boats that were under water, all taken away to the dump.  Great work by Harbormaster Mone and his team.


Remember, fertilizers on lawns are not only bad because they introduce nitrogen to the waterways and bays, but the Town of Mashpee has imposed strict regulations (section 31) on the use of certain fertilizers in coastal areas.  If you feel you must fertilize your lawn near the water, please try to use the least-damaging types of fertilizer.

PayPal live for Contributions to Save Popponesset Bay 
We have the PayPal function on the SPB website up.  For those of you who wish to contribute to SPB electronically via the secure PayPal process, please click the link to the SPB website. If you choose to send a check, please mail it to the address below.  SPB, a 501c3 organization, is all-volunteer.  
Enjoy the rest of the summer!


Mike Oleksak/Greg Smith/Mike Moskowitz
P.O. Box 66
North Attleboro, MA 02761
tel. 781-729-1008



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Popponesset Bay (Dawn Peterson)
Save Popponesset Bay, Inc. is a 501 c 3 organization with the mission of keeping the waterways in and around Popponesset Bay safe and navigable and to protect the Popponesset Spit, an endangered species habitat.

Photo by Beverly
 Myers Bailey
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