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High Standards Will Ensure Development of Electronics Recycling Industry


R2 Solutions Statement Regarding Changes to e-Stewards Standard


Hotchkiss, Colo. (March 1, 2012) - The R2 Standard is the most comprehensive global standard for e-recyclers on the market and requires responsible management of used computers and other electronics. R2 Solutions is a non-profit organization that manages the continual improvement of the R2 Standard. John Lingelbach, Executive Director of R2 Solutions released the following statement today in response to the Basel Action Network (BAN) making reference to the R2 Standard as part of the e-Stewards Standard.


"The reference to R2 is BAN's acknowledgement of the robustness, exceptionally high requirements, and value of the R2 Standard in the electronics recycling marketplace and in the eyes of the manufacturers, corporations, and government agencies that utilize electronics recycling services. It makes business sense for BAN to try to provide its customers with the option of achieving the most successful certification in this marketplace.


Both R2 and e-stewards are working to ensure the electronics recycling industry is environmentally sustainable. But let us be clear, the two standards are different, and they were developed and continue to be managed in very different ways. R2 is in no way, and never will be, a "subset" of e-Stewards, nor does the marketplace regard it as such.


R2 was developed through an extensive, multi-year stakeholder process in which BAN participated actively. The R2 Standard remains the only standard for the electronics recycling industry that is being administered and revised by a completely open, multi-stakeholder Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) through a process that is being made consistent with the American National Standards Institute's Essential Requirements and the OMB Circular A-119 procedural attributes for voluntary consensus standards. All interested parties can provide input into the revisions to the R2 Standard. It is a better standard as a result of this intensive public involvement in its development and revision processes. R2 seeks to be open and flexible to changes in technology, processing techniques, markets, and legal requirements.  This flexibility allows recyclers to be inventive and continuously improve their technology and solutions to recycling.


R2 is truly global in its reach, giving the opportunity and motivation for organizations in both developed and developing nations to pursue best practices in responsible recycling. At present, over 175 electronics recycling facilities have been certified to the R2 Standard throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, India, Singapore, Malaysia, and China. Dozens more are in the pipeline, including facilities in Sweden, Netherlands, Germany, South Africa, and Australia. Electronics recyclers are choosing to be certified to R2 because it provides a competitive advantage. R2-certified facilities are reporting increased throughput, increased revenues, and increased profits."


Rike Sandlin, Chairperson of the R2 TAC and Senior Vice President of R2-certified HiTech Assets, added the following, "I'm always encouraged when organizations realize the importance of the open nature of the R2 standard. The global applicability and multi-stakeholder governance of R2 provides a best-practices approach which is not duplicated anywhere else in the industry."


About R2 Solutions

R2 Solutions is a non-profit organization formed to administer and promote the R2 Standard, a comprehensive set of best management practices governing the environmental, health, safety and security aspects of the electronics recycling industry.  R2 Solutions is responsible for promoting the standard, encouraging e-recyclers to become certified to R2, educating the public about responsible e-recycling and providing administrative support to the R2 multi-stakeholder Technical Advisory Committee.  Additional information is available at .

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