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R2 Solutions delists firm for suspected non-conformance to R2


Hotchkiss, Colorado,  July 5, 2011 - On July 1, 2011, R2 Solutions delisted Intercon Solutions, of Chicago Heights, IL, from the directory of R2 recyclers.  R2 Solutions took this action after reviewing information strongly suggesting Intercon Solutions violated key provisions of the R2 Standard.  R2 Solutions took this "delisting" action pending consideration of the matter by the R2 Solutions Board of Directors, which will occur later this week.


     This information was gathered by the Basel Action Network and shared with R2 Solutions.  It documents alleged violations of law concerning the export of Focus Materials.  The Basel Action Network derived its information from observations, shipment tracking, and communications with the Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department. 


     R2 Solutions is communicating with the certification body (CB) that certified Intercon Solutions.  The CB will undergo an assessment of the matter and determine an appropriate course of action.  


     All entities involved in the auditing and certification of electronics recyclers to standards covering the export of various types of e-scrap will be working diligently to assess auditing procedures and make improvements to them.  R2 Solutions is committed to identifying and differentiating those electronics recyclers that are diligent in performing at the level required by the R2 Standard.


About R2 Solutions

R2 Solutions is a non-profit organization formed to administer and promote the R2 Standard, a comprehensive set of best management practices governing the environmental, health, safety and security aspects of the electronics recycling industry.  R2 Solutions is responsible for promoting the standard, encouraging e-recyclers to become certified to R2, educating the public about responsible e-recycling and providing administrative support to the R2 multi-stakeholder Technical Advisory Committee.  Additional information is available at .

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