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October 5, 2010 
Annual Excelsior Reunion

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Excelsior Reunion For Girls and Staff 
by Vicki Sicard, Recreation Coordinator 
On August 27th we had a BBQ, face painting, snow cones, music and a beautiful, warm afternoon to celebrate with our current and former residents and staff. What does this event mean to our former residents?Here is an email we received from the mother of one of our past residents:
"Our family lives in Virginia. Our teen-aged daughter had trouble behaving in school and the principal thought that Excelsior could help her. Reluctantly, we agreed to let her go in the middle of her sophomore year. We hated to send her two thirds of the way across the country to a place we knew nothing about. It was hard to have her gone; we missed her even though we flew out to visit once a month - figured we might as well put the college fund to good use! We got to know the staff and found them to be compassionate, stern, and fair - compassionate not only to our daughter but to us. As Kristin progressed by earning higher levels and doing better in high school, our pride (both hers and ours) blossomed. She has done MUCH better since returning home: she's more independent. She does her own laundry, is responsible for purchasing clothes and incidentals, and does homework without prompting (!!!). Making meals at Excelsior, both in Cottage and in Culinary Arts, instilled a passion for cooking. She always liked to put recipes together from scratch but now she's making family dinners and doing dishes twice a week. She doesn't blow up nearly as often. She loves to advise her friends - she's taken over the job of her assigned staff at Excelsior!" 

 To read more about the Excelsior Reunion, click here.
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Excelsior's Volunteer Program Needs Mentors
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Help Excelsior Change Lives And Earn A Tax Credit
THREE GIRLS IN UNIFORMSupport Excelsior's Board Challenge
by Kathy Graveley, Director of  Development 
Please give TODAY to Excelsior's annual giving appeal, the Board Challenge. Your gift will qualify for the final year of the Colorado Child Care Tax Credit program. Until December 31, 2010, Colorado allows taxpayers to offset their Colorado income tax liabilities with credits when their contributions promote child care. The amount of the credit is equal to 50 percent of the total amount of money contributed. Excelsior qualifies for this tax credit.
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Healing Through Poetry


   All Alone  by Jasmine


 I'm all alone and I can't go home
My heart is lost in the roaring storm
So God please don't let me cry, I've got to stay here for a while
So I can think things over.
Excelsior staff encourage kids to use their words and be expressive as a healthy means of communicating difficult emotions.  This poem was written by Jasmine, a girl in Centennial Cottage which provides specialized programming for our younger adolescents ages 11-13. 
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Excelsior's Volunteer Program Needs Mentors

 Be A Mentor, Change A Girl's Life  

 by Marisa Escobedo, Volunteer Coordinator
 A mentor isn't about being the best "counselor" or showering clients with gifts in an attempt to make up for lost time and it isn't about sharing their past or compensating for the immense pain which they have experienced in their short little lives. Have you thought about the "words of wisdom" you would share with a young person? Are you a good listener and is dependability your strong suit? If so, then we need your help.
Type LeAnn and Regina text h
 To read more about becoming a mentor,
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Nominations for Triumphant Women
We are accepting nominations for Triumphant Women as honorees for this year's Passport Party.
Excelsior Youth Center annually recognizes Triumphant Women who have made the difficult journey of overcoming seemingly overwhelming adversity to achieve greatness in their chosen field or endeavor. Triumphant Women honorees may have had troubled backgrounds, dysfunctional families, experience with poverty, or another extreme challenge.  Triumphant Women are honored for "beating the odds" and becoming pillars of the community, displaying characteristics worthy of a role model to Excelsior girls. For nomination forms that are due by October 15, 2010, contact Kathyg@excelsioryc.org.
 Click here for details on nominating a Triumphant Woman.